Anna Chapman Proposes on Twitter

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    Former Russian spy Anna Chapman is apparently in love. The buxom vixen fired off a tweet with a short, to the point proposal for the NSA whistleblower: “Snowden, will you marry me?!” No word yet on his reply.

    Check out the 6 pictures below of Anna Chapman doing what she does best — being nude!

    After being accused of spying on the United States for Russia back in 2010, she has became a household name in her home country and pretty famous over here as well. She has kept herself busy with modeling, editing a magazine and running a charitable foundation. As for Edward Snowden, his exact whereabouts are currently unknown. He’s probably still hiding in Moscow — but he could have slipped onto a flight to South America for all we know.

    Here are the images I promised above. Click “Next” in order to see all six shots:

    Anna Chapman

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      • sony

        oh !!! i wish he can be there for u or me…

      • Stevie

        No nipples? Real or fake?

      • Dennis Teel

        where’s the nipples ?? does she have any?

      • Woodrow

        Wow those are some weird looking nipples

        • H S

          You lack experience is all.. Believe me there are many gorgeous women with beautiful pale areolae, junior.. Frankly, they’re quite superb..

      • Bill Nolkyz

        Let’s invade. Let’s put our swimming soldiers into every entry point.

      • H S

        Freak has no pubic hair ; you can have her..

      • random916

        wow you guys don’t realize that her naughty bits are edited out?

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