Shin Soo Ji is My Favorite Pitcher Ever

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I might be imagining things but South Korea seems like it’s taking over the world. First, they produced the most viewed YouTube video of all-time. Now, it looks like they produced the most sizzling chick ever who just threw out the most amazing first pitch ever. How do I get to that country? Can I drive there?

Check out the 9 pictures of Shin Soo Ji below — you’ll be blown away by her beauty, flexibility and innocent face.

Here’s the first pitch GIF that I just can’t stop watching:

shin soo ji first pitch

For all I know, that is a legal windup. Fortunately for hitters around the world, I don’t think any male pitchers can bend like that.

Here are the images I promised. Click “Next” to see all nine — and be prepared to be blown away!

Shin Soo-Ji

Picture 3 of 9

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  • TheGunslinger

    Talented and Sexy! WOW ;)

  • broo

    dat a$$$

  • Mike

    This is one of the most awesome things that I’ve ever seen. Crazyness!

  • Bob Khan

    Good to see she is keeping her eyes natural. There’s a plastic surgery fad now over in the ROK where many Koreans are getting double eyelid surgery in order to look more Western. Big mistake imo, Korean eyes are fine just the way they are.

    • QQBBQ

      Idiot how can double eyelids make them look Western when 50% of Asians have double eyelids? They just want bigger eyes like some Asians have has nothing to do with “Western”

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