Did Teacher Brooke Lynn Domel Sleep with Student?

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Nowadays, teachers are great. Back in my day, this type of activity was just fantasy. Brooke Lynn Domel, a teacher in Wharton, Texas, has been arrested after allegedly having sex with a student. While that’s technically illegal, let’s all give this kid a standing ovation for a job well.

Look below for 9 pictures of Brooke Lynn Domel, the sizzling woman who made a boy’s wildest dream come true.

She teaches electives at Wharton High School and hasn’t yet been fired. Let’s hope it stays that way. While the police aren’t saying the age of the student, other reports say the kid was 17. A male that old should be able to sleep with a 32-year-old without the cops trying to get involved — at least in my book.

Anyways, here are the images. Click “Next” to see all nine — you won’t be sorry!

Brooke Lynn Domel

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  • a_european

    If this story is true, I can only regret that I was not the young guy.

    The USA have become a strange country where a normal attitude is opposed by a bunch of prude and disconnected people. It was once a country of liberty, it has now turned into a country of suspicion, denunciation, a country where every citizen can be spied the same way the Russians where at the good Stalin epoch.

    I could observe that over the years abortion, guy marriage has always been considered as essential criteria for presidential elections. On the other end starting wars under fallacious pretexts was never an issue. Did you ever consider putting a G.W. Bush behind bars for his lies? Did you ever ask yourself if it was right to support the rogue state of Israel? Had you done that, you would probably have solved most of the terrorism issues and this at a very low cost for the benefit of all travelers who know pay the high price because of the stupidity of some.

    • a_european

      oops … who now pay the high price …

  • Ozmatazz Buckshank

    Dude is a rock star for hooking up with her.

  • John Smith


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