Meet Gena Avery, Beyonce’s Stepmother

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More than a year after making his divorce official, Mathew Knowles has landed on his feet. His new wife is named Gena Avery — and she’s a great looking lady. She’s a model and by all account will make a great partner.

Check out the 6 pictures of Gena Avery below to see the new stepmother for Beyonce and Solange Knowles.

Unfortunately, his superstar daughters aren’t being cool with his new woman. In fact, neither one showed up to his wedding, which took place in Houston, Texas. Honestly, that is poor form. In a few years, they will regret not supporting their father in what should have been a happy event.

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Gena Avery

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  • HDC1

    And how much did Matthew Knowles pay you for writing that shining article? Hahhahahaha

  • sharon_b283

    Really? Looks like a kid to me. Robbing the cradle? How she be Beyonce’s step-anything? Can’t she be loyal to her mother?

    • Honey

      I agree that the girls have a right to choose whether to attend the wedding of another of their fathers girlfriends. I think it takes courage. Especially after their family was torn apart in such a painful, public way. Even if the second wife is thought to be a ‘great lady’. She may be but, that is not a reason that the girls should attend the wedding. Judging them as having ‘poor form’ is Naïve and uninformed. We don’t the whole story.

    • Mike1981

      She’s over 18. How is he robbing the craddle exactly?

  • Linda Blansky

    Very biased article. In most cases wher ethe father could not keep it in his pants the first family never have a realtionship withthe jump off family. Especially African Americans.

  • DO THE RIGHThing

    Stephen(you said poor form) not to attend…POOR FORM was to be a serial cheat, baby making with women while still married to their mom! U IDENTIFY with MK cuz u A MAN. THEntire fam been SUPER CLASSY bout ALL his ShitNANNYgantz!!!!HAPPYHOLIDAYS!!!! ;-)

  • 2stoppa

    Gina charmaine avery is a pretty lady,to bad we can’t see more pictures of her on the internet,seems like they’ve all been removed and replaced with pictures of Beyonce.who needs to see another picture of beyonce? sure they paid a pretty penny to have all there beautiful Stepmothers pictures removed.

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