Referee Otavio Jordao da Silva Beheaded in Brazil

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A stunning chain of events took place in Brazil recently during an amateur soccer game. A player allegedly became violent with a referee named Otavio Jordao da Silva. To protect himself, the ref then stabbed the player — who died. With revenge on their mind, the family of the dead man murdered the 20-year-old referee.

Check out 9 pictures of Otavio Jordao da Silva below. Be careful, these shots are of before and after the incident.

No only was he murdered, the family quartered him and then beheaded the referee. His head was then placed on a stake. Yes, this really happened. At the end of the gallery below, we have included a link to an uncensored video of this gruesome scene.

Here are the images I promised. Be sure to click “Next” to see all nine:

Otavio Jordao da Silva

Picture 9 of 9

Click here to see the uncensored video -- but beware that it's extremely graphic.

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