Anna Benson of FHM Fame Arrested After Incident with Former Pitcher

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It was apparent before today that Ann Benson wasn’t playing with a full deck. But now it’s official. The estranged wife of Kris Benson, a former Major League Baseball pitcher, allegedly attacked him a baton and a handgun while demanding cash. She even had on a bulletproof vest!

Check out the 9 pictures below of her in happier times when she would pose nude in a variety of publications, most notably FHM magazine.

After this event, which allegedly took place shortly after she was told to leave the home she used to share with her husband, the police arrested her and charged her with four serious crimes. Unless she can get off, she could be heading to prison for a long while.

Here are the aforementioned images — click “Next” to see all nine!

Anna Benson

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  • Michael P. McCracken

    Dayumm! I’d tap that like a pony keg and bang her around so much I’d lose my deposit!

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