Miesha Tate Steps Out of Octagon and Clothes for ESPN Body Issue

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I suddenly have a favorite UFC fighter. After checking out Miesha Tate in The Body Issue, I’m in love. Thank you, ESPN The Magazine, for introducing us. We owe you one.

Scroll down to see 6 pictures of Miesha Tate below to see the sizzling mixed martial arts competitor who made her UFC debut in 2013.

She fights out of Yakima, Washington and is 26 years old. The only thing I worry about with her is her face. All that pounding will leave her with some nasty scars. Then again, the rest of her is so perfect that I will be able to deal regardless.

Anyways, here are the images I promised. Go ahead and click “Next” in order to see all six!

Miesha Tate

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  • Eric Matterson

    Nice a**., Beautiful and musculare without being masculine.

  • bobo

    no boob shots

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