Beyonce Knows How to Flaunt It

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Honestly, I was a bit worried about Beyonce. Could she return to form after birthing that parasite? Would she be forever ruined? Good news: She’s back! The pop star went nude in a shoot for Flaunt magazine and she looked amazing.

Check out the 6 pictures below of Beyonce looking as good as ever.

It’s strange that since she has become a mother, the former cuddly princess has now gone mean. All her tracks are about her power, how great she is and how much she despises her haters. It’s actually quite hot. If I were a betting man, I’d bet she gives Jay-Z quite the workout on a regular basis these days.

Anyways, here are the images I promised. Click “Next” to see all six — you won’t be sorry!


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  • Barry

    Smokin hot.. as always.

  • Brandon

    I have never understood the fasination with Beyonce. Not hot. Can’t sing. Worn out.

    • emma852

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    • Jayme Franklin

      Totally overrated. I don’t “get” it.



  • Sexanator

    I would love to have sex with her

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