Madelyn Sheaffer was Too Sizzling for Water Park

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In Independence, Missouri, Madelyn Sheaffer was kicked out a water park for wearing a bikini. Let that one sink in for a second. While the employees at the park claimed it was because her bottoms were too revealing, the 42-year-old mom insists that she was the victim of discrimination — based on her size, her age or her ample curves.

Check out the 9 pictures below of Madelyn Shiaffer, who I’d never kick out of anything.

According to her, she has always struggled with her weight. She climbed up to 255 pounds after turning to food to cope with her father’s cancer diagnosis at an early age. Eventually, she realized that the excess weight was ruining her health, so she adopted a vigorous exercise regimen that took her all the way to 170 pounds, where she feels content.

We think that the employees at this Missouri water park should be thankful that she graced them with her presence. Look at all nine of these images and let us know what you think. Click “Next” to see them all!

Madelyn Sheaffer

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  • Jamaal

    Damn, that girl probably has brothas hovering around her 24/7. I know I’d have fun playing in her waterpark.

    • Guest

      Sorry, she doesn’t like dark meat.

  • Janice

    she looks like a ho

  • Paul Haygood

    Yeah, Hopefully we will be seeing more of Madelyn, on D. Letterman, C. Ferguson. Cohan, and perhaps some TV commercials, Right?

  • Spewy

    Would like to splooge all over those melons

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