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The most controversial figure on the planet right now may very well be George Zimmerman. Did he murder Trayvon Martin or was it a legitimate act of self defense? We may never know the truth.

However, let’s clear up some of his background information. There have been rumors that he’s Muslim but he’s confirmed to be a Christian. And while many claim that he’s a white man, he’s actually biracial. His father is white and his mother is Hispanic. Thus, saying George Zimmerman’s race is white is not exactly accurate.

His true ethnicity is half white American and half Peruvian since his mom is from the country of Peru. It’s debatable what that mix should be classified as but many are going with “White Hispanic” — which is reasonable.

As for his nationality, George Zimmerman is American. He was born in the United States and is a full-fledged citizen.

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George Zimmerman Mother

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  • Lynn

    White Hispanic? Who makes this $hit up? Can reporting get any dumber? I have never in my life heard that term. Reasonable? Stupid is more like it. Why make garbage up to try and create a race issue? What would you call the race of someone like Halle Berry? Is she white black? White African? This case is absurd. Zimmerman is guilty. Should not have followed that kid after he was told not to. The kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is why I never allow my teenage son to be out late at night walking around alone in the rain. I don’t care where this kid was going, what he bought or how high he was. I don’t care what color he was. I care that his parents didn’t think a kid walking around in dark clothing in the rain at night was an issue. I care that Zimmerman was out wandering around with a gun in the dark rain. He killed this kid and there was no reason. He was pursuing the kid, not the other way around. This case sickens me almost as much as the reporting of it sickens me.

    • Marquis Alvarez

      White-Hispanic is the combination of white and hispanic, denoting that he was multiracial of both white and hispanic descent.

    • Guest

      Having a view point is one thing. But you relayed at least one fact incorrectly. George was never told “not to” follow Martin. What the dispatcher said was the following:


      Are you following him?




      Ok, we don’t need you to do that.

      (End transcript)
      Telling someone “we don’t need you to do that” is very different from “DON’T DO THAT”

    • thomas albert

      You are kidding, right? He was trained as a Town Watch volunteer, right? He spoke and understood English, right? He did not have any cognitive impairments, right? He was an adult and had interacted as an adult with other adults in his lifetime, up to and including the night he shot Mr. Martin, right? If he could not interpret the dispatcher’s direct, albeit very diplomatic, directive to mean, “stay in the car you Jacka**,” then he had no business being a Town Watch volunteer.

    • Jas Cleveland

      GZ was NEVER trained…he enacted this Neighborhood Watch program to his gated neighborhood & appointed himself “Captain”. *Had they done an actual background check on GZ-They would’ve saw his arrest record starting with his altercation & arrest in 2004′ & other arrests after. He also worked as a Bouncer who broke up parties & was fired for throwing a WOMAN into a wall!,He worked as a Security Guard & was fired for being too aggressive. *If you google GZ’s LIES & arrests-*It makes you wonder if this trial was “staged” bc the Prosecution didn’t do their homework bc there are FACTS on file. His stories changed to fit EVERY scenario?? Witnesses didn’t see anything but would add “it was self defense?” take alleged pic w/ blood on wounds in the rain,yet blood/DNA was said to have been washed away on everything esle but his tiny,minscule “wounds”? Witness Good sais it was very dark & he saw “seconds” of wrestling??? *Then he later talks about MMA terms of “ground & pound” & “strikes”/MMA Punches??? *GZ went to MMA classes at a GYM for 18months & doesn’t learn anything??(Hmm? did they both belong to this gym?). The GZ’s chameleon appearance to “Fit” “his story”- *Did he self inflict these injuries? TM was RIGHT HANDED(yet this cartoon showed TM’s figure punched w/ the left the 1st time as GZ reported?) The ONLY injury to TM’s hand was on his Left Hand ring finger & it was a small scrape-according to the medical examiner’s report! *If GZ was punched MMA style 25-30x he would be completely disfigured!(*Great imagination from a pathological LIAR, & I even believe he tried to Con everyone into believing his “TUBBY DEFENSE”-another great LIE! He was NEVER trained bc Neighborhood WATCH means to do exactly that-WATCH,REPORT…(Captains too) They have no more authority than any other civilian! *This idiot was running loose w/ a loaded weapon w/ no safety mechanism like he was Boss Hog acting like Barney Fife! Had a background check been done they would’ve said “Thanks,but no thanks!”

    • Jason Christopher Roberts

      saying it is different but still demands the same action … if i oder a whooper from burger king and they ask do u want ketchup and i reply i dont need u to do that …. do u think ketchup will be on my damn burger? ha ha ha ha idiot argument

    • mike

      There are different races in latin america. I myself am afro cuban. That is defined as cuban of african descent. Afro americans think think theyre the only black people in the new world. Smh. We now have internet educate yourself stop being ignorant. Smh.

    • a

      Finally a hispanic who acknowledges their African roots!

    • Jeff Cordero

      Hispanic refers to Hispania the name the Romans gave the Iberian Penesula (modern day Spain and Portugal). Both the Spanish and Portugese are considered white. Cuba has African ancestry because of the slave trade true Hispanics (Iberians) are NOT negros!

    • Fiof Flores

      Americans, of all races, have their head stuck inside their poop holes too far up to realize there is a world outside their country. Starting with the name “America” it’s a continent idiots!

    • zarcady

      Instead of being sickened, read and research the actual evidence as presented, there’s plenty of it. Any objective person with analytical abilities would easily see that this was a clear case of self defense.

      I think it is astonishing how much you don’t seem to know about the case while having such a strong opinion. As with most people on this and most other race issues, the misinformation and outright distortions of the truth have become the reasons on which they defend their opinions. Read the 911 transcripts and you wil find that Zimmerman WAS NOT told to stop following Martin. You also portray Zimmerman as ‘wandering’ around with a gun, again incorrect and distorted facts. Even though it slants and supports your opinion, Zimmerman was performing a duty that he undertook as MANY OTHERS in his apartment complex had already done.

      Trayvon was approximately 6′ taller, 50lbs heavier, 12+ years younger, used to fighting (had been beat down earlier that same week by two punks) and he told his girlfriend (again factual transcript) that he had hidden as soon as he saw this guy look over at him and he was now looking for that guy. He saw Zimmermen, and told his girlfriend he was gonna get him, girlfiend said “no” but Trayvon surprise sucker punched Zimmerman and then started to beat him to death, gun was uncovered, Zimmerman won the battle for the gun and saved his life.

    • Betsy Holbrook

      White is his race and Hispanic is his culture or ethnicity. There are Black people who speak Spanish and White people who speak Spanish. Most people form Mexico and othe South American countries got most of their genes from ancestors that came from Spain, some from people that came from Africa and a few from Native Americans (North and South American indians).

  • JalenDavis

    I honestly laughed when it said “George Zimmerman Skinny” & “George Zimmerman Fat”

  • Tina Mistalski

    Technically, Zimmerman was doing his part for the neighborhood watch by following Martin. Martin wasn’t known by Zimmerman, was on the phone talking to someone, and was looking at the houses as he was walking by. If I would’ve seen Martin doing that, I would’ve thought he looked suspicious (and was probably relaying to whomever was on the other end of the phone which houses looked empty & which didn’t to be robbed later) and followed him too.

    If Martin was worried about a ‘creepy ass cracker’ following him, where was the evidence that Trayvon called 911 to say that he was being followed? Did Trayvon call his father to alert his father that he was being followed? Did I miss the part about Trayvon hurrying up to get back to his father’s house? Or did Trayvon end his call with Rachel Jeantel so that he could confront Zimmerman? Hmm…..

    Be careful starting confrontations. It might not end in your favor. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, there’s a good chance it’s probably a duck.

  • Whitey Black

    White hispanic. Now I’ve heard it all. Ask any latino (or latina) if they consider themselves white. What do you think their response would be? What’s next? White mulatto? White high yellow? White asian? White arab? White octoroon?

    • a

      I just have to educate you. there are only four races in the world. European(white), indigenous American(Indian), East Asian, sub-saharan African(black). Hispanic is Not a race! Hispanic is an ethnicity.. Which includes one, more, or all of the above races. & George is only half hispanic.. his other half is white. his mother’s father is black Hispanic, but according to America you are what your father is. So he is a white hispanic. to me since his mother’s father is black he would be a quarter black but you know how the system like to cover up stuff.

    • Betsy Holbrook

      Five races – you forgot Pacific Islander.

    • Jeff Cordero

      Four races? Based off what? Based off GENETICS there are THREE main genetic types and “Native American” falls into Asian because they are not native but rather migrated from Northern China and Japan some 12,000 years ago. European tribes are believed to have migrated to the Americas ever earlier as evidenced by remains of Clovis man and Kinnowick man having been found in North America.

  • Cathy


  • carolannie

    Hispanic is not a race. But Amerindian is, and it would appear Zimmerman is what is called mestizo, the child of an American european white and a Peruvian amerindian. Hispanic refers to culture or ethnicity

    • a

      Exactly.. Hispanic is NOT a race! There are only four: European(white), indigenous American(Indian), east Asian, and sub-saharian African(black). Which means ppl can be a black hispanic, a Asian hispanic, a Indian hispanic, a white hispanic or a combination of some or all four. Many people don’t grasp that concept!

    • Zodd

      You be surprise how many people think hispanic/latino is a race. Very irritating. -_-

  • Jamaal

    George Zimmerman is WHITE! His skin is WHITE. He doesn’t have a Mexican accent. His dad is white. He was raised white. He’s WHITE!!!

    • Sophia Bella

      Even after clearly stating he is half PERUVIAN, your ignorant ass still says “Mexican accent.” Educate yourself.

      Oh and btw, our president was also raised “white.” People like you make it hard for the rest of us.

    • Zodd

      I have white skin, have a caucasian face and don’t have a Mexican accent yet I’m Mexican American. This may shock you but some hispanics are of white (Spain) descent. Look at Jessica Alba, Carmen Diaz and even Louis CK (comedian), they all look white but are of hispanic descent. Many of my cousins have blond hair and blue eye, so does my best friend who’s Colombian. We hispanics come of different variety of looks, just because some look white doesn’t mean their not of hispanic/latino/latina. Zimmerman is of hispanic descent wherever you like it or not.

    • Lawrence

      I wish it didn’t matter, but skin color does actually matter in this country. Though both the President and Zimmerman have to deal with the double standard, Zimmerman’s skin is white, and our president’s skin is dark. Just for that reason, they have gone through different trouble in life growing up. And many would argue that for this reason, for Zimmerman’s race, he is again free to go.

    • whatever

      i guess you could say the same thing about obama. more racial double standards.

    • Betsy Holbrook

      Obama is half white, half black (race), American (nationality), non-hispanic (ethnicity).

    • proud2bwhite

      jamaal,, you are a dipshit. He is half peruvian, not mexican.. get it right.

    • viva mexico

      at least he was found not guilty! viva mexico, dumbass

    • Jarnold

      You are truly an ignorant, hateful jackass!!!

    • easylikesundaymorning

      fucking racist! You are part of the problem with this country. So is Obama black or white? Come on racist….let me guess he’s black right? Yea, thats what I thought, yet his mother is WHITE and his Dad is African born in Africa unlike your racist self. No wonder why African’s are embarrassed to be associated with American blacks. You embarrass them.

    • PJSTX

      Does that also apply to Obama? A lot of his “raising” was in Indonesia, but he is half white too.

  • Carl Sandstedt

    I don’t think you should try to apply American thinking to Latin Americans. Both Brazil and Mexico had far larger slave importation than the U.S. The typical Brazilian is 60% European, 30% African and 10% Amerindian. The typical Mexican is about 60% Amerindian, 30% European and 10% African. According to Wikipedia “Peruvians view themselves as a racially mixed people: a ‘half indigenous, a third European, a sixth African and one part Asiatic’ composition as a ‘melting pot’ recipe for a Peruvian stew.” The coastal regions of Peru are far more African than the Andes. So, if you’re applying the “one drop rule”, which will soon a historical anomoly in the U.S., the defendant was black.

  • whatever

    he killed a black guy so that makes him white even though he could easily pass for a mexican gangbanger. typical racial double standards.

    • Karim Delgado

      Mexican gangbanger? Why not just Mexican?

    • Willie Rodriguez

      An African American goes and attack a Hispanic man!!!! If the Hispanic man was wearing one of those hooded sweaters no problem it wouldn’t even make the news.The President say’s that could have being him, someone with that intention and running for Presidency.Wow!!!!!!!!!!!


    hes innocent, yeaaa!! im gonna drink a nice cold corona now!! btw dont look white at all, brown eyes, brown hair, BROWN SKIN…

  • Ray Lopez

    I’m ashamed that Zimmerman has any hispanic blood in him.

  • Alan Bush

    The media always refers to Zimmerman as white. He’s as white as prezbo b.o. On zimmermans tax return, college admission registration, soc sec registrations; job applications etc, is there any doubt how he registers? He registers Hispanic. All of you idiots who want to call him white…….”why is all of the info we complete driven by having to check a box for Caucasian, black, HISPANIC?” Wonder what would happen if zimmerman tried to board an international plane with a passport that said, “WHITE?!!!!”

    Funny how the race card is used selectively according to some people’s agenda.

    • angie

      Zimmerman’s father is white His mother is peruvian.All his life he has claim being white, now everyone wants to say he is half.Ok President Obama has a wife mother. That makes him neither half black or half white.I’m guessing he is white since his mother is a white woman from Kansas.

    • Betsy Holbrook

      Peruvian is a country. I am an American, Zimmerman’s mom is Peruvian.

    • Mike Relva

      Alan,I read your comments on Blood Horse today. Your exchange with the moron-Neigh Sayer was on point. Was banned there well over a year ago,yet Neigh Sayer drew the ban months ago when she posted under the name,DeeREff. As I predicted she was back a week later with a new name. She’s an arrogant troublemaker who must always be the loudest in every room. Absurd I can’t comment there,yet trolls like her can post at well.

  • Sweettee

    I guess there is only 4 colors too… white, black, brown, and darker brown.. seriously???? ya’ll say anything to ‘try’ make it true..LOL thanks for the giggle

  • SadSally

    Killing, murder, has no color and NOBODY has the right to murder ‘Vengeance is mine ‘ says God.

  • Jenny

    Smells like stupid in here

  • Joyce Bates

    By the grace of God he will pay He killed that boy not a man 17 ain’t no man he is a child their call..It’s his fault stay in the car stay in the car so he went over the police heads just to set out to kill a child… I see wy Hod brings storms to wipe this place clean of all this evil one day it will all be over he’s coming close as ever and I am so glad and…And all this hate thinking you better then another hate because of a color and lying like a dog the devil want souls too Jesus said when they hate you remember they hated me first… The devil has a place in hell for Geoge Zimmerman he telling most outrages lie the boy is dead how can he speak…George can say anything like just them lying on a dead boy God ain’t going to let him rest I pray to The Lord and call out ST. Michael’s Name Yhe Arch Angel To take George Zimmerman by his head with his sword and thy head off of his body he is the 666 AntiChrist of hell…. George Zimmerman Zgod has something for you so be ready…

  • Pat

    It doesn’t matter what race he is or what race his victim was, He stalked and killed another human being just because he could. What would Jesus do? I have never read of Jesus stalking anyone.

    • MyNameIsMud

      I hope you realize that Zimmerman had his nose busted up and his head beaten upon the ground before he shot Martin. He did NOT stalk and shoot him ‘just because he could. It was an act of self defense. Zimmermen is not Jesus. He was a town-watchman. It was his business to know if Martin was a potential threat or not. If you had your head bashed upon the ground by a stranger and had a gun in your possession would you sit there and let him beat you or use your weapon?

    • zarcady

      Pat- Another remark based upon truth distortion. Apparently based upon what you think the circumstances are or what you were told by someone who doesn’t know what the circumstances were. If you read your Bible in the same manner you’d think that Jesus came to earth to make furniture!

      Put your brain to use and look up the facts, evidence presented in court, 911 transcripts, transcripts of Martin’s call to his girlfriend just before he attacked Zimmerman. Add to that the fact that Martin was taller, heavier, stronger, younger and had the advantage of surprise when he attacked Zimmerman and you may have a different opinion.

      What would Jesus do? Maybe let himself be killed by Martin so that He could rise again to save your soul from damnation.

  • Jennylooms

    Race has nothing to do with this, hispanic, white, colored….come on we live in 2013 and this is still a big disucssion…President showing a bad example, blacks vs whites…goodness get a life. To end it you need to stop bringing it up and making it an issue, the issue here is not race but right from wrong.

  • White-American

    Why not Peruvian-American…why put white in there at all. You don’t see black-americans do you…no, it’s always african-americans.

  • Andres

    I was born in Ecuador and my parents are Colombian, my Ecuadorian passport identified me as Caucasian as I’m white. But when I became a US citizen I became a Hispanic!
    White, Black it doesn’t matter these two people were Americans and we bleed red when cut or shot. This was a case of prejudice that needs to be erased from our society if we are to grow beyond this situation!

  • TheMediaIsAlwaysTrue

    So if a person who has white and Hispanic parents is White Hispanic- then a person who has White and Black parents is White African according to the meida? Keep in mind Zimmerman was half Afro-Peruvian, 25% black. So really he should have been listed as a White Hispanic Black Man of Peruvian descent. I am sure his grandparents are looking down on him with shame for being so racist to 25% of his own blood.

  • Willie Rodriguez

    I just have to educate you. being titled some ones panic Ask this Country why. We are Latinos

  • Fiof Flores

    Hispanic is not a race. It is a ethnic/cultural background. If you haven’t understood the diference yet, don’t bother commenting. GZ is obviously mixed race, European, native South American and perhaps sub saharan African(black). Latinos or hispanics are often of one race or a mix of two or more races a lot more diverse than the average American. Now the main theme here is why are Americans so damn obsessed with race, get freaking over it, if you’re european there’s a good chance you already have some mix in you, even if you don’t, you are NOT in Europe anymore. Start respecting people. We are the HUMAN race.

  • Bob

    Zimmerman is a Jewish name. Why is this not being publicized? A white father and a Pervian mother? Why won’t any media state that his “white” father is Jewish?

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