Model Renee Alway Arrested, Faces a Multitude of Charges

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You know Renee Alway from when she almost won America’s Next Top Model. Unfortunately, it appears as if her life has taken a downward spiral. In the final week of June, she was arrested in a vacant home and charged with everything under the sun: from burglary to possession of forged money, and from drug possession to fraud.

(Check out the 6 pictures of Renee Alway below. We might not be seeing her again for a while.)

Making these latest charges even worse is the fact that she was arrested in the beginning of June and charged with similar crimes back then. Two major arrests in less than a month? Let’s hope that, if these charges are valid, this lovely woman gets the help she needs. She’s much too good looking to rot behind bars.

As proof, I give you these images. Click “Next” to see all six — you won’t be sorry!

Renee Alway

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  • Jamaal

    The lack of food has obviously shriveled her brain. Someone get this broad a sandwich!

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