5 Reasons Why the Nokia Lumia 1020 Sucks

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Nokia has been struggling to keep up with its big-name competitors in the smartphone market, so their latest entry into the playing field — the Nokia Lumia 1020 — needs to capture people’s attention. It’s been making waves with its 41-megapixel camera, but what about the rest of the phone?

Here are five reasons why this Nokia sucks and won’t be unseating Apple or Samsung any time soon:

It’s Too Bulky

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Compared to the sleek look and feel of other smart phones, the Lumia 1020 sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s big in every dimension and the curvy shape makes it somewhat awkward to hold. Worst of all is the camera, which sticks out of the back of the phone and makes it top-heavy, leading to an uncomfortable balancing act when holding it.

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  • cyrs

    It’s as bulky as your mother son of bitch

  • davuvnik

    “gimmicky update”

    do you even know what a gimmick is?!?! maybe if you add useless cores and more ram, or frankenstein your way into the cameraphone deparment by attaching a camera to a phone in an awkwardly and TRULY fugly manner, or a fucking extra row in your menu THAT is a fucking gimmick, a 41MPX, OIS, BIS, oversampling, lossless zoom, high definition audiorecording, Low light capabilities, in a smartphone form factor is a fucking award winning device, just as the Nokia 808 won “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet” of the year…

    “just get a camera that will undoubtedly take even better pics”

    Unless you specify DSLR and not P&S that is quite debatible, the Nokia 808 has proven to be on par with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III under the right conditions and that is an achivement all by itself.

    “GSMArena took the 808 PureView camera for a run against the best out of the DSLR elite, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, a $3,499 professional shooting machine and… it was a tie. And that’s mind blowing.”

    Your envy denotes your sheep way of thinking….

  • DewMeNow

    Wow, definitely a case of uninformed sour grapes.

  • HellYeah

    Wasted my precious 5 minutes with this garbage article. Go sell apples dork.

  • wp8

    you’re an idiot.F**K*** hater

  • umadbro

    all fake, LOL this guy is a nokia hater…..

  • Anand

    Yes! it has drawbacks but its the best camera phone. Things which may go against it is only absence of SD Card. and of course Windows phone OS. But as a camera, its non-comparable to any mobile.

    Just adding more cores or HD resolution (nokia displays are excellent in viewing angles and sunlight legibility) doesnt make a smartphone exceptional or top rated.

    Wake up pal

  • Gucci

    lol @ Nokiafanboys, bloody keyboard warriors. Nokia should just make a camera, their smartphones are rubbish.

  • Jack

    lol haha… omg ………… pray tell this was written in the hangover morning

  • N808

    Nokia sucks on this phone because they are following Apple by releasing it in the US first and making a phone which has no SD Card slot. I got to wait until the end of the year to get my hands on this phone. Nokia really sucks!

  • danielopez

    This guy doesn’t know anything about it. Most people I know love my Pureview AMOLED, Clearback screen showing off unbeatable high contrast video and screen savers (yes, screen savers are possible on this phones due to its amoled) rather than any other phone around.
    He didn’t even mention the, again, unbeatable Rich Audio Recording, that has the same Dynamic Range as that as the human ear. This technology also packs incredible almost-surround recording.
    Camera is amazing. Maybe not as flexible as a true DSLR, but like they say: “the best camera is the one you have at hand”. With a camera like this, you will find yourself taking more good, appreciated, high quality pictures than the average “photographer wannabe” out there. Very bad article overall.

  • calling all toasters

    I was thinking I hated my Lumia because of the buggy touch screen and failed GPS, but then I realized that idiots like this guy hate it for all the wrong reasons, so other phones are probably worse.

  • tasred

    I love my Nokia 1020. Best phone ever. Much more flexible than my old IPhone. Great, great camera.

  • Martin

    “It is too bulky..”Are you a girl?

  • quack

    Right. You put the camera case on it and then complain its bulky. Nice logic dude. Honestly the hump does not really hamper your usage of the phone whatsoever. And it is much lighter than the lumia 920 which only had an 8mp camera. More of the same? Meh. That can also be said of samsung, apple and even sony. I’d prefer the best camera rather than a faster cam that takes crap photos. So sucks to be you, nokia hater!

  • Jayden

    About the screen… If you go beyond ~342 ppi the human eye can’t see the difference. So why put 450 ppi? Will only suck battery.

  • Nathan

    You could make this for any phone. these issues don’t mean it sucks!

  • Me

    I have it for 8 months now and, yes, it sucks. Even the still camera, which has a terrible stabilization. Video recording is pretty good, though its options are very limited.

    Not to mention the Windows Phone 8.

    I regret getting this phone. Gonna take a Galaxy S5 next.

  • r8

    Speaking frankly….its indoor pics suck but its outdoor pics r jus awsum……n it feels akward to hav such a huge at d bak….other dan dat the phone is gud!!

  • Sateesh A

    Nokia Lumia series really sucks, no one can imagine the pain of holding it until such time they really own one :-)

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