The Walking Dead Season 4

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Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of The Walking Dead, which enters its fourth season this fall.  While details had been scant, more is being shared due to Comic-Con. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the comics that ultimately inspired the series and the rumblings suggest that this upcoming season will return to being more aligned with the storyline in the books.Walking-Dead-Season-4-Banner

Rick and his group will still be in the prison and, with new members, they will have to figure out how to work together again. The Governor is still at large and will continue to be an unpredictable threat.

One of the biggest events at the end of the third season included the deaths of Andrea and Merle.  How will the loss be felt among the group?  Will that affect their behavior and interactions?  Only time will tell but Michonne definitely must be hurting without Andrea.

The production team promises that the group will be very, very tight despite the worries about Carl’s darkening personality, the newly introduced Tyrese and Michonne’s previous preference for an antisocial existence.

Also, are we finally going to see a world beyond the prison and Woodbury?  The team says that there will be a lot of exploring this season.  Did the survivors find some sort of gas supply?  How are those cars still running?  Either way, it will be good to see something other than prison cells.

Are you excited for the upcoming fourth season of The Walking Dead?

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  • Martin Ramirez

    Does anyone know if Season 3 is on Amazon Instant Video or Netflix or something? I gotta get caught up.

  • Cara Walworth

    Can’t wait!

  • Tex

    I stopped watching after season 1.

  • Chevy

    Can’t wait! It is my favorite show and the best show on TV today!!

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