Apprentice Star Dr. Leah Totton is Smart and Hot

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When you look at Leah Totton, the first thing you notice is her amazing good looks. She has a beautiful face to go with a killer body. But this star from The Apprentice on BBC has more going for her. She looks good from the back, too. Oh, and she’s a brilliant doctor who works at a London hospital.

(Check out the 9 pictures of Leah Totten below to see why I’m gushing about her. The shot where she looks naked is spectacular.)

She’s actually the favorite to win the top prize on The Apprentice — and that would mean a $400,000 investment from Lord Sugar. The 25-year-old is going up against a chick who sells cakes so, yeah, she should probably win this. If she doesn’t, there might be British riots.

Anyways, here are the images I promised. Click “Next” to see all nine!

Leah Totton

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  • Frederico

    Hot damn, she’s perfect.

  • Adam West

    She’s about an 8. I’ve done better.

  • Bill Harris

    Smart and hot. She knows it, and you will NEVER, EVER, get inside that. Whoever does, she will make him her puppet for the rest of his life. You poor emasculated bashterd.

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