Dinalynn Andrews Potter Attacks Musician For Trayvon Martin Dedication

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A lead singer named Lester Chambers of a famous soul music group was attacked on stage by Dinalynn Andrews Potter during his own concert. The alleged reason? She didn’t like that he dedicated the Curtis Mayfield classic “People Get Ready” to Trayvon Martin.

Check out the 6 pictures of Dinalynn Andrews Potter below to see this chick who is apparently nuts. How else can we explain what went down in Hayward, California?

Right after the dedication by the 73-year-old musician, the 43-year-old woman reportedly jumped onto the stage and threw him to the ground, telling him that it was all his fault. Witnesses claim that she looked crazed and enraged. Several people from the audience held the lady until the police arrived, while he was taken to a nearby hospital.

Chambers is currently recovering from nerve damage and a bruised rib muscle. His family has urged police to file hate crime charges. Personally, I think that would be appropriate. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

Here are the images of the crazed woman. Click “Next” to see all six!

Dinalynn Andrews Potter

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  • Tex

    It was his fault. You shouldn’t mix music and politics.

    • Jamaal


  • LoverNoFighter

    That’s an unattractive muffin top LOL

  • sonofthunderboanerges

    Schizophrenic biker chick on meth?

  • laughingatDinalynnAndrews

    Haha & two black guys dragged her off! classic…

  • Support the Blues

    It is so sad that this is being spun the way it is. This is a clearly a crazy woman. Lester, while talented, has blown this way out of proportion. He is not a working musician. This was his first real gig in quite a long time. Check his history. This will clearly hurt the blues community, the city and the promoters. He should be compensated for his injuries and time off work but hate crime…She was crazy at the time he was on stage. If I did not know any better, it looks like she knew him and they had had a spat. They only one that will come out ahead is the attorney.

    • Junior

      So do you know something we don’t???

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