Holly Willoughby Shows Skin in London

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At something called the ITV Summer Party, Holly Willoughby showed off more skin than she intended. Her hot pink dress went a bit too low and gave a glimpse of her goods to the world. We wish we were in London, England to have been able to see this live. Alas, we’ll settle for what we have below.

Scroll down to see 7 pictures of Holly Willoughby and what many are calling a nipple slip — even though that might just be a shadow or a part of her undergarments.

If you don’t know who she is, she’s a television presenter famous in the UK for her work on The Voice. She’s also known for her those sweet twins that reside on her chest that we know just a little bit better now.

Here are the images I promised. Be sure that you click “Next” to see all seven — you won’t be sorry!

Holly Willoughby

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Credit: Spiller/WENN.com

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  • Stephon

    She’s giggling her way right out of that dress.

    • Brad Pitt’s Stand-in

      Someone better hurry and tell another joke then.

  • Tex

    Why is she wearing a grandma dress?

    • LoverNoFighter

      That dress probably costs $5,000!

  • Jamaal

    Who is that flamer on her arm that isn’t looking at what’s going on?

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