Rae Dawn Chong Attacks Oprah

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Talk about bitter. Rae Dawn Chong just went hard at Oprah, her co-star in the movie “Color Purple”. In her attack during a radio interview, she dropped the N-word a few times while calling her fat, ugly and insecure. Cat fight!

Check out the 9 pictures of Rae Dawn Chong below. Seeing her naked makes it a lot easier to forgive her.

Since she’s part black, she’ll probably get away with dropping the N-word. However, since Oprah is basically the queen of television, this lady’s future in the industry looks very iffy. She’ll probably need to drop a gigantic apology if she ever hopes to get work again. If she says she was drunk, that might help matters.

Here are the images I promised. Make sure you click “Next” in order to see all nine:

Rae Dawn Chong

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  • Matthew

    Remember when she was hot?

  • Austin

    After all these years of knowing it, still cant’ believe she’s Tommy Chong’s daughter

  • Farzon

    Why is it okay for black guys to call each other the n-word, but if a (half) black chick does it, then everybody goes wild?

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