A Vivid Look at Myla Sinanaj

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    It appears as if Myla Sinanaj is attempting to stay relevant. And to do so, she has released a sex tape for Vivid. As you can see below, the film is extremely sizzling and might just might make her famous.

    Check out the 9 pictures of Myla Sinanaj below. Following the gallery, we’ve embedded the much sought after video!

    Her co-star is a dude who looks a lot like Kris Humphries, her ex-boyfriend and the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian. In fact, if you connect all these dots, you will see that she is going down the Kim K career path — and that’s not a bad idea at all.

    Without further ado, here’s the image gallery followed by the vid. Click “Next” to get started!

    Myla Sinanaj

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      • Jamaal

        Wow! That might be the best celebrity tape yet!

        • alisha652

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      • Dick

        video does not exist

      • George

        Damn, what happened to the video? They pulled it?

      • Fez

        I know her rack is amazing, but look at that ass too!

        • lisette

          she is overweight

      • cornelS

        She has not invent anything new, and has gone on already known path – a pretty smart move. Another plus that impresses – is her honesty. She honestly said that video shot on purpose (as have read on http://mylasinanajsextaped.com/ , so little hope that she will fulfill that 15000$))) As for me, it’s great, waiting for the video )))

      • Alex

        fuck you the vid is gone it doesn’t exist!

      • lisette

        needs to go to the gym ASAP

        • adam pitterson

          Lmao..ur a hater.

        • marie b

          not a hater, it’s true he is fat, look at the gut and fat rolls on her. What a slob

      • Julen Atherton

        watch Myla Sinanaj sex tape on my FB page

      • kp

        shes fat as fuck yuk. Her attitude is fucking disgusting too. putrid bitch. everyone has sex yes but not everybody comes out with a sex tape to make them famous. dumb bitch.

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