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I have some good news to report: someone has hacked or otherwise leaked an epic snapshot of Madeline Mitchell to the internet. Known mostly for being Miss Alabama 2011, the shot is said to feature her boobs in all their glory. And guess what — I think we might have it!

Check below for 9 pictures of Madeline Mitchell. The last one is the much talked about view of her chest.

Not only is this girl fun to look at, she has a cool story. She survived a terrible car crash that very well could have killed her. Instead, she has been able to become a rising star in Hollywood. Don’t be surprised if she’s a household name before too much longer.

Anyways, here are the images. Click “Next” to view all nine — and don’t miss the last one!

Madeline Mitchell

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  • Frederico

    This chick is smokin’.

  • Richard Bratson

    Is that one pic an optical illusion or a bad photo shop of her rack?

  • Wouldn’t You Like to Know

    I have legit pictures of her topless. These are just bs pics. I went to high school with here and Richard yes, that is a horrible photoshop. They aren’t nearly that big.

    • Wouldn’t You Like to Know


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