Julie Wright Sparkles on Naked and Afraid

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My favorite show on television is a winner again this week. Julie Wright rocks the Discovery Channel and I can’t shake the greatness that is her body out of my mind. You must check out Naked and Afraid to see what I’m talking about. Oh, and you can also watch her try to survive in the rain forest on the island of Borneo.

Scroll down to see 16 pictures of Julie Wright, whose built like a Greek goddess. She’s 6-foot-4, has legs for days, a strong frame, perfect womanly curves and a smile that can light up the night.

I’m sure she’s not the dream girl for every man out there — her height alone is intimidating — but I find her stunningly attractive. Plus, let’s not forget that she’s smart and appears to love to have adventurous fun. I think I’m in love with this 30-year-old native of the state of Washington.

Anyways, without any further ado, here are the images. Go ahead and click “Next” to see all sixteen!

Julie Wright

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  • Are You Blind?

    I think she is the LEAST attractive of all of the women featured on the show thus far.

    • Don’t be Hatin

      If one thing is certain, its that people have different tastes. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you are either 13 or mentally disabled (or have never looked at a porn site. They all have like 40 different categories for a reason dude). Personally, I think she was the MOST attractive of all of the women. But I have a thing for big butts.

  • KC

    I think she is pretty too

    • Tyreeke

      Hell na. She’s a beast.

  • Wally

    She’s nasty but I’d still hit it. It’s good to do a nasty chick every once in a while. Keeps ya honest.

  • Jamaal

    I’d tap dat with my poisonous cobra. She’s the perfect body style.

    • Jibber Yoda

      i think you mean “spitting” cobra… otherwise if your cobra is poisonous it may mean you’ve got some serious STD.

  • Chase

    from what I can see; she’s got a great ass & she’s smart too! – BONUS!!!

  • Jose Raul

    Julie!!!! Marry me!!!

  • ItsSuperMan

    WOW Julie is soo beautiful… I want to see more of her uncensored lol ;)

  • Joe

    I think she’s intelligent, beautiful and definitely built like a Greek goddess. Her butt is a masterpiece. She is the ideal woman.

  • Stephen Williams

    She’s WAY too horsey for me, very fleshy too. Girls that tall are hard to “knock boots” with, you can’t get them into certain positions. Her feet are a size 13, she’s just too king sized. I’ll take my g/f any day, she’s 5:3 and I can bend her like a pretzel and “bottom out” with no problem. Great stuff really does come in small packages.

  • shanealanswaim

    Julie Wright is a brave and courageous woman who is unafraid to bare her body and her soul.

  • kf7edq

    I believe julie is beautiful she is not only easy on the eyes but her heart and her mind hold something special, that hard to find a lot of people. I believe that she really cares about people not just one or two people or what’s going on in her life but she really genuinely cares about people.I know that even at my age in my mid 50′s if I was single I would down and propose to her. seriously I would the temple Locator & 2 woo her a date her um trying to a relationship with her I bet she would be awesome mother and parent. Eric

  • AnonBus

    She’s gay, by the way.

    • AnonBus

      And from Vermont, not Washington.

    • Anton

      No, she isn’t.

  • Frank J Russo

    Love her big A$$, I’d like to sink my Johnson in her.

  • MrChubbylover69

    I agree! I was so enamoured by her! I thought she is gorgeous and definitely has that Greek goddess body! Lol. I couldn’t get enough of the shots walking behind her.. My dream woman!

  • Based Sage

    I dont know what it is about her… but she really grew on me.. and that ass of hers had my dick growing on me too. I wanna slurp tbh.

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