Kimora Lee Simmons Lets Loose in the French Riviera

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While relaxing aboard a boat in the French Riviera, Kimora Lee Simmons was caught with her top off. The results are the stunning shots we have below. Even though she’s 38 years old, her chest is not a day older than 18. I don’t know if she has great doctors or superior DNA. Either way, we salute her.

Scroll down to see the 6 pictures of Kimora Lee Simmons like you’ve never seen her before: Nude while soaking in the rays!

I can’t get over how spectacular her puppies look. They’re huge yet there’s no sign of sag. I bet when she sees these shots, she’ll be upset at first — but then be proud that she looks so great.

Here are the images — click “Next” to view all six:

Kimora Lee Simmons

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  • denise-ify

    OH MY GOD! She’s 38 and has had kids. If that’s a surgeon, I want his number!!

  • Hit4Hitler

    Russell Simmons is kicking himself.

    • Jamaal

      He doing fine. But YEAH his ex is fire now. Funny how they work out after you dump em.

  • Lowrence

    Didn’t she used to be a lot fatter?

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