Puma Cabra Killed It on Naked and Afraid

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On the Discovery Channel hit show Naked and Afraid, the females with limited clothing has been my favorite part. Puma Cabra solved my least favorite aspect: The fact that all the previous men had been whining losers. This dude was able to turn the tide and save face for males around the globe.

Check out the 16 pictures of Puma Cabra below to see the guy who was finally able to break the string of whining, weak so-called men on the show.

He’s a 38-year-old tattoo artist from the state of Nevada. He says that he almost died in the wilderness one time and since then has dedicated his life to learning all the needed skills to thrive in the wilderness. He’s now certifiably a bad, bad man.

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Puma Cabra

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  • Sir Kirk

    I agree 100%. All the other guys on this show appeared to be wimps. That said, were they wimps or did the Discovery Channel edit it in a way to try to empower the women on the show? I’m guessing probably the latter. In reality, men will always be able to survive better than women. That goes back to the days of hunting and gathering.

  • Mrs. Cabra

    He’s so hot. PUMA please list your email so I can send you some pics of myself!

    • squeeg

      Yeah, cause you’re certainly NOT a psycho, right?

  • Austin

    Bring back the hot chicks.

  • Jamaal

    Looks like dude does meth.

  • Joe Puma

    At least the whiners actually finished the challenge. This guy drank the water, for chrissakes! And, almost died because of that. I would rather have a smarter whiner, than a idiot “badass.” His poor judgement cost both contestants completing the quest.

    Other than that, I think he was a great contestant.

    • Puma Cabra

      Don’t believe the editing. It was not the water that put me down. We both drank from that source the whole time. We don’t know what got me sick. It’s a fucking jungle. Everything is alive.

  • Puma Cabra

    Thanks for the support!! I don’t do meth. lol. And there IS some editing. That said, it was as real as it could be. The first night, butt nekid in the jungle with a stranger, was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had. It took a minute to sink in. “WE ARE NAKED IN THE JUNGLE”. Julie ROCKED!

    • Joe Puma

      Go get ‘em Puma! I enjoyed your stint the best, so far.

    • Julie Wright

      Yeah, you rocked too Puma. =) Thanks for being a badass partner out there and rocking the shelter, sandals, machete and fish trap. However they edited it, we’re both heros. Yeah, that first 24 hours was surreal huh? Important thing is that we’re ALIVE to talk about it. =)

  • Tammy

    So it wasnt the water that made you Ill? What did the hospital say it was. I thought you and Julie were a good pair both level headed.

    • Puma Cabra

      Thank you. The Doc said it was a form of Dengue Fever. Fun Fact: Dengue is an insect born illness. Not water.

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