GIF: Landon Donovan Puts on Sunglasses, Tells El Salvador to Deal With It

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The United States men’s soccer team destroyed El Salvador today. The star was Landon Donovan, who typically is the star for the U.S. However, what has people talking today is when he put on sunglasses and told the Central American country to Deal With It.

landon donovan deal with it


The story is that fans for El Salvador got mad and threw those sunglasses onto the pitch. Landon Donovan took the opportunity to pick them up and put them on. Unfortunately, a soccer ref got in the way and took it from him. But for a few glorious seconds, it was epic.

landon donovan sunglasses


If you want to see the whole incident, here’s the GIF:

landon donovan deal with it sunglasses

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  • iLuvLandon

    Why was that ref player hating? Landon was going to look sooooo cut in those shades!

  • ElSalvadorPorVida

    We kill gringos in El Salvador for this type of nonsense. Come to San Salvador and trying to do this without getting shot. I dares you.

    • Jamaal

      Isn’t El Salvador the murder capitol of the world? I ain’t doubtcha for a second, homes.

    • Barbrimustdie

      You kill people for putting on sunglasses? Harsh bro

    • Ha

      Thats why your country is shit.

    • partizanradio

      Which is why the DC metro area is flooded with Salvadorans. Your country is a shithole.


      Why would anyone want to go to your shit hole country? That is why you all want to leave it. 5-1 puta now kill yourself.

  • Alexandra

    I thought Landon Donovan would be retired by now.

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