Ian Jett and Cameron Boggs Defile Subway, Will Soon Be Fired

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The grossest story on the internet today stars Cameron Boggs and his fellow Subway employee Ian Jett. According to reports, the duo is responsible for Instagram postings that show a Subway sandwich with a penis on it. Additionally, there’s a shot of a frozen bottle of urine that was reportedly stored at the sandwich shop.

Check out the 9 pictures of Ian Jett and Cameron Boggs below. This duo is said to have worked out of a franchise in Dublin, Ohio — so if you live in that city, you probably want to avoid that shop for a few days until they can replace everything.

After their Instagram shots went viral, the duo has reportedly tried to put the genie back into the bottle. Unfortunately, that never works. In this economy, it’s too bad these two guys will be without a job soon. I guess next time they’ll remember to keep it in their pants and outside of the warm, inviting crevices of mass manufactured bread.

Here are the images I promised — click “Next” to view all nine!

Subway Urine

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  • KatieC

    They blurred it out, but i bet his penis didnt even touch the bread because it was too small to reach that far.

    • JulioRaymundo

      Bet he got farther than your tits could.

    • huehuehue


    • mike_in_texas

      Juxtaposing one’s wiener with essentially a foot-long phallic symbol is just not the brightest thing to do for one’s ego. The kid basically just sized it up for everyone. Not smart.

  • AcaciaJules

    Why do you feel the need to show multiple pictures of them, and one of their cat’s? How is that relevant to the story?

  • Davehd

    Aside from everything, their bread sucks and they should be fired.

  • Alexandra


  • Jen

    these juveniles should be tube fed their own frozen urine

  • Mercury

    Well, if its Ian Jett’s penis, I have no problem with him laying his penis on bread for my sandwich; if its Cameron Boggs however – not so much. Ian Jett is really cute, stupid if he does drugs but really really cute — and I have no problem with his size either, although the original would be better to judge.

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