Rihanna Struts and Juts About Stockholm

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If you live in Stockholm, Sweden, Christmas came early for you. Rihanna was caught walking around the town braless. It doesn’t take much eyestrain to see the goods. For this, we extend our hearty thanks to the pop goddess.

Look below for 9 pictures of Rihanna. Be warned that there is no bra in sight — so you may see flirtatious outlines.

While she’s not known for wearing much clothing, this took it to yet another level. It’s also one step closer to her simply walking around without anything covering her body. Until then, we’ll gladly accepts the view we are able to obtain thanks to this poor excuse for a shirt.

Here are the aforementioned images. Click “Next” to view all nine!


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  • JJJerome

    If I dated her, I’d be on those 24-7. I don’t care if she wasn’t lactating I’d get milk out those thangs.

  • Harmon2742037

    That is trashy. Does she not have any self rspect?

    • Fo Realz

      Who cares about her self respect (unless she’s your mama or your sister?)

  • Beatrix

    Rihanna is always showing her stuff – what a ho bag.

    • Bobby Oncara

      Jealous again, Beatrix?

  • riquexxx

    Damn in the 7th pic she is horny

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