Taylor Schilling Shines as Piper Chapman in Orange is the New Black

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I absolutely love Orange is the New Black, the original series by Netflix that stars Taylor Schilling as a former lesbian who is sent to prison for transporting drug money for her former girlfriend ten years after the fact. Once she’s behind bars, we get to see her nude — along with a lot of her other castmates. If you’re not watching this show, you’re missing out.

Scroll down to see 14 glorious pictures of Taylor Schilling, the 27-year-old actress whose character is named Piper Chapman.

Not only is it nice to look at all the skin, this show is actually very well written and the story flows naturally. It tackles an interesting subject and I like that it’s seemingly aimed at guys rather than being a drawn out chick flick. I give it three thumbs up. Wait, what?

Without further ado, here are the images. Click “Next” to view all 14!

Taylor Schilling

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  • Chuck F.

    Awesome! My only complaint is that the goods dry up after episode one.

  • Bushman

    Are there any shots of the bush?

  • Jamaal

    She looks like an average Becky but I’d still smash.

  • Bobby Oncara

    I saw the first episode. She looks better with her clothes on.

  • Dj12

    Wheres her nipples?

  • drivenb4u

    What’s the point of the images if they are blurred out? WEAK

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