19 Angry Americans on Twitter Who Don’t Care About the Royal Baby

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Unless you’re hiding under a rock today and just surfing EveryJoe, you have been inundated with Royal Baby news. Everyone around the world is celebrating the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son. However, there is a group of Americans who couldn’t care less. In fact, these citizens of the United States are downright angry about the media coverage.

Personally, I stand somewhere in the middle. I don’t care about the Royal Baby because, well, wars were fought for us not to have to care. But I’m not as mad as these 19 people on Twitter. Some of these tweets are outrageously vile.

Without further ado, I present to you 19 Americans on Twitter who are steaming mad about the Royal Son:

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  • Earl in OKC

    England can fall off the map for all I care. If it wasn’t for us, they’d be Germany North.

    • Proud Brit

      And if it wasn’t for us, you’d be speaking French. Don’t let those red, white and blue colours blind you.

    • Americangiant

      Wow…ok, first…the French helped the United States kick your ass. The red, white blue COLORS might blind us but they don’t run.. Remember that when we save your asses from an invasion….Again.

    • ReadtoLearn

      Historically speaking, the British in 1756-1763 fought off the French and the Indians over the territory that would later become the the USA.

      Things were not going well for the colonial Army led by Gen G Washington and Gen Braddock who were soundly defeated at every turn in 1754 and 1755. Then the British joined the fight in 1756 in what became known as the Seven Year war and Spain joined the French side. The British won the war and negotiated annexation of the French territories to the north (to Quebec) and Spanish territories to the south (Florida) which helped the colonies by removing northern and southern European rivals thus allowing for expansion into the Mississippi Valley region.

      Just saying……

    • Americangiant

      Wow you must be a genius… Still nowhere in your ramblings, which could be looked up in any history book, did you coordinate any thoughts about what was said in the previous paragraph. I will say again…Wow…ok, first…the French helped the United States kick your ass. The red, white blue COLORS might blind us but they don’t run.. Remember that when we save your asses from an invasion….Again. So if you want to reply to this blog…reply about what the thought in the blog was about. By the way… Anyone can look up history facts.. Doesn’t make you smart. Just saying…..

    • Overthetop11

      Actually the British did not fight off Indians. This is why they have a national holiday being “thanksgiving”. The pilgrims made peace with the Indians and had a feast with them showing good faith. Also the farther west beyond Maryland or Virginia was a vast Indian country where the Americans constantly fought with Indians. Possibly you’ve heard of one of America’s great,Theodore Roosevelt. He was a “rough rider” before becoming president of the USA and they drove west along with many other Americans including their army’s Calvary to form what is now the USA, not Great Britain.

    • Jonathan

      Yeah, we do maintain the language (ours is more clearly spoken) some of the traditions (military and otherwise) and ethos of our origin but we have also surpassed it in many ways incorporating new ideas from other peoples including the Italians, Dutch (Germans), Chinese, Spanish, French and many others.

      I don’t forget where I come from but it is becoming less of who I am and what my country stands for. I appreciate some of the moral cues that came of your country in the Magna Carta and Britain’s abolition of slavery in 1833. Yet I am not beholden to your country’s struggle with the ideas of freedom as my country created the greatest document of freedom in history, fought a bloody civil war to end slavery, fought along side yours to end fascism and defeated (and maintains vigil over) the evils of socailism.

      I will also not forget that your country had a state religion, as a Christian I believe, that one must believe and that force or enforcement is not belief, so I can never condone a state religion (that is without God on Earth). At the same time a government devoid of the promotion of religion still promotes (and to a certain extent enforces) the ethos of secularism (my country’s failure that was wrought of yours).

      I do not forget that England was once an Empire that the sun never set upon but my country has been the sole super power in the world since the fall of the Soviet Union a country who’s resources far surpassed any country in the world at the time including the United States.

      Though the world faces a great bulwark of ignorance created by the propaganda of a single political point of view even this will be overcome by the United States through its desire to maintain the rights of all and the many within my country who would die to keep. This article is a perfect example it is one thing to goo and gah over an infant King quite another to sh** a brick over someone else’s apathy concerning it.

    • Jamaal

      That’s cold. But honestly I don’t even know who Kate Middleton is. I thought Kings and Queens were exstink.

    • Montrealman

      Damn my friend, she is a fine piece of ass. I’d tap that!

  • Emilyjane

    England can fall off the map???? Britain wouldn’t be German. that’s bullshit! learn your history.

    • Americangiant

      What book did you read? Hitler was thrashing you guys. It’s a miracle you’re eating crumpets instead of sourcraut.

  • EmilyJane

    Reasons why Britain is great and your a twat.
    (in response to Earl in OKC)
    1-Britain has a Great in front of its name, America doesnt.
    2-Monty Python.
    3-British comedy is generally funnier.
    4-You cant get a decent cup of tea in America.
    5-The Full English Breakfast, nuff said
    6-Britons have a greater grasp of sarcasm.
    8-America as it is wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Britain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    9- Were not so lazy that we feel the need to drive when going round our neighbours house.
    11-Bowler hats.
    12- Dr Who.
    13-The traditional British pub.
    14-The unpredictable weather, which keeps things interesting.
    15-Every great villain in anything ever has been British!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    16-Winston Churchill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    17-Driving on the right side of the road, by which I mean the left.
    18-The Loch Ness monster.
    19-Americans have their oh so old great monuments, most of which my house is older than.
    21-We have a cooler accent.
    22-No matter how hard the Americans try, well always hate France more.
    23-We had a glorious empire, whereas America is still trying to acquire one!!!!!!
    24-James Bond.
    25-The monarchy, love em or loathe em at least we have one to love and loathe.
    26-Sherlock Holmes.
    27-British engineering, the best in the world.
    28-We can pronounce simple words like aluminium.
    29-We have a better national anthem, America sing about a flag haha.
    30-British words, especially curse-words, e.g. ****, ****, ****, codswallop, poppycock.
    31-We have our place names, rather than stealing others and putting New in front of them.
    32-Freddie Mercury.
    33-Me ^_^

  • EmilyJane

    Earl in OKC. America wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Britain.

    • Dolan

      America would most definetely exist without Britain. The United States of America however, most likely not.

    • Americangiant

      AND Britain wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the United States during WWII.

    • Guest

      If it wasn’t for Britain then America wouldn’t even be here you ignorant hillbilly!! There wouldn’t have been any America to save anyone! And did you ever wonder why Russia hates America?Because all those millions of Russian lifes didn’t die just so you dumbfucks could brag about how captain American has done it all on he’s own!

    • ::.:..R.H.::.:.

      If it wasn’t for Britain then America wouldn’t even be here you ignorant hillbilly!! There wouldn’t have been any America to save anyone! And did you ever wonder why Russia hates America?Because all those millions of Russian lifes didn’t just die so you dumbfucks could brag about how captain American has done it all on he’s own! Cuz you didn’t do it all on your own! That’s only what Hollywood wants you zombies to believe! But ofcourse you can’t expect alot from a country where people can’t even point the ocean on the map.

    • Americangiant

      Before I reply to your retarded response.. Go back and spell check it. That’s why America rules the world… At least we can spell.. You dumb tea sucking, ass kissing piece of shit.

    • Americanstar

      Check your FACTS!!!! The french were there in America, so was Columbus, and so were the Irish, The Chinese in the early 19th century and Italians in the early 20th century.. It wasn’t all British people, but it was pissed off brits who hated the monarchy

  • JP

    Rude obnoxious American’s – if you really don’t care then why post at all.. Proud Australian!!!

    • Americanstar

      Okay buddy keep sucking up to the Brits… thats all your dumbass country is good for… The USA is where its at… the greatest country in the world got it right when they said a big FU to the British empire and their evil tactics which they used to loot other countries

  • DB

    They don’t care because thy live in America, imagine the uproar if the rest of the world reacted like that to the TV coverage after the 911 bombings

    • Americangiant

      Actually we do know that most of the world reacted like that to the 911 bombings. We know that most of the world don’t like the United States but we run the show. There’s no room at the top. Sorry.

    • DB

      It’s a shame you actually believe that, billions of people watched in horror as your country was being hit by terrorist attacks & pledged their help to fight it. Next time our soldiers should stay at home & yours can fight & die alone. Don’t apologise for being an ignorant cockhead.

    • Americangiant

      Lol… Yea. Let the brave men of the USA protect you. Like always. Honestly I’m sick of the USA dragging your asses out of the flames…how about next time you faggots fight a war by yourselves. Go look up the number of deaths for the USA and compare that with yours… Dumbass.

  • Americangiant

    Who cares about a royal baby??? There’s millions of babies being born!! One baby isn’t any more important than another! The royal family doesn’t even run the country, they have a parliament that does that. Holy cow…just another kid that will be raised to believe that he doesn’t have to work and to expect everything to be handed to him. ALTHOUGH…. I do respect prince Harry for serving his country. He doesn’t fit the usual royal persona. I tip my hat to you Harry, you should be next in line to be king.

    • TR

      Americangiant you give your country a bad name, and all of your points are based on ignorant and ill informed ideas. Every prince serves in 1 armed forces or the other, including William. I didn’t really care about all this either until you piped up with idiotic ideas. Also i hate to point out that we dont give a shit what the USA is doing either but our news reports it because you know we dont believe we are the only country in the world that matters, and neither do most of the USA otherwise they wouldnt report it to you would they.

      You know you go on about America bailing people out, the US has caused more problems and death in its few hundred year history than any other country in their entire history. As for the 2 biggest wars the world has seen, the US sat out and got rich from them. And only entered WWII when you were attacked by the Japanese, and Britain held strong against forces that had the resources of almost the whole of Europe at its disposal. Britain was stretched across 3 continents yet, held firm. There was luck involved but what doesn’t involve abit of luck. Without Britain to launch operations from, including D-day, Russia would have fallen, Japan would have dominance over china and the USA would have been isolated and alone, you really think the USA would have been fine on its own in a world where WWII is lost to Nazi Germany? If you do then you are unbelieveably stupid and naive. And you seem to forget in almost every war you have thought since then you have been supported by many allies from all around the world.

      As for the whole if it wasnt for the US you wouldnt exist idea and vise versa, its a ridiculous arguement at best because you are forgetting almost 2 millenium of history that had influence on everything we live today. Almost every country in Europe could claim if it wasn’t for them this wouldnt of happened at some point in their history. So using points like that to back up your arguement just means you dont have a real point in the first place. I would love to know where people like you read your history i really would.

    • Americanstar

      TR you must be out of YOUR MIND… Americans and the rest of the world are up in arms about this because ITS JUST A BABY.. there are millions born everyday, SO WHY IS THIS ONE ENTITILED TO FAME AND POWER??? The Brits should be ashamed of themselves at the fact that they still have a monarchy which is the “head of state” of the UK… BTW the British Empire was a work of evil!!!! they were looters who taxed colonists hard without representation, In India they tricked the Indians into letting them start the east India company and then used divide and conquer to fire up religious tension and conflicts they basically looted India a rich land and left them as a poor nation(took their diamonds and resources). I would never celebrate the birth of some royal piece of shit whose ancestors were morons who abused their power and were nothing but looters!!! I would much rather celebrate Gandhi or Dr. King because they spread the idea of love and non violence to rid their countries of injustice and hate that the British empire has shown in the past. As far as the USA is concerned it has been one of the most generous world powers ever, not ever conquering another nation and looting them of their resources through colonialism, in fact the USA never colonized and used its power for a global force for good, the USA was strongly apposed to British colonialism… And other countries in europe don’t have monarchies and don’t celebrate their monarchies like the Brits do.. its a complete and utter shame….

  • Foreigner

    A bunch of retards… both sides

    • Jason K.

      You must be a rag head.

  • ksb1978

    I’m happy when any family has a healthy happy baby. There’s nothing wrong with a mention of the royal baby, but our media here in the U.S. just shoved this down our throats with extreme coverage. It was everywhere. In the UK I can understand, but no need for the extended coverage here in the U.S. It’s unnecessary.

  • Agusta750

    That’s the problem with u Americans!
    All u do you all do is think about yourselves and that’s y the rest of the world hates u!
    You expect the rest of the world to listen to all your dramas with natural disasters, wars, gun crimes etc..,
    Got news for u all, no one gives a shit about you!!

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