Brie Bella Bares It All on WWE Raw

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Tue, Jul 23 - 12:54 am EST | 5 years ago by
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    My favorite part about watching WWE Raw is seeing the Bella Twins. Tonight, my ultimate fantasy took place: We got to see all of Brie Bella! Be prepared for the greatest nipple slip you have ever seen.

    Scroll down to see 6 pictures of Brie Bella and her glorious wardrobe malfunction. She has apologized for the uncensored view on Twitter — but I see no reason to be sorry. Pride is a more appropriate emotion.

    Amazingly, her goods were exposed for a while and we were able to get a ton of angles. It wasn’t until after WWE Raw was over that anyone realized what had transpired. For that, we’re all thankful.

    Here are the images — click “Next” to view all six. You especially don’t want to miss the final one!

    Brie Bella

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      • Robertas Cabbage

        Awesome pictures! She’s my favorite too. She’s way hotter than her twin.

      • WWEsupastarfan

        I’m just sad the other one didn’t pop out.

      • Tyreeke

        Ah, I was hoping it was the other sister.

      • Wil

        She’s about a 6. I’d bang her on a Tuesday, but she’s not weekend material.

      • Chuck

        Awesome pictures? Where r the nipples? Why cover or blur them? U can see the real thing everywhere else.

      • Thomas Alan Christensen

        Why are they censored?

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