Peyton Riekhof Disappears, Found Dead in Reservoir

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A mystery is unraveling in Fishers, Indiana after a missing 18-year-old beauty was found at the bottom of a reservoir in her SUV. Peyton Riekhof apparently drove the vehicle herself into the body of water. However, police are still investigating in an attempt to solve this troubling case.

Scroll down to see 16 pictures of Peyton Riekhof, who was smart in addition to being pretty. In fact, she had just graduated high school and was headed to the University of Kansas of scholarship.

This is a stunning turn of events because she was such a beloved member of her school and community. Maybe it was an accident — or maybe she drove into the reservoir on purpose. We don’t know yet. But we do know she was last seen storming off after an apparent argument with her boyfriend.

Regardless of what happened during her final moments on Earth, we’d like to express our condolences. To remember her, I present these images. Click “Next” in order to see all sixteen.

Peyton Riekhof

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  • Tex

    Wow, beautiful girl. She’s what America is all about. Rest in peace, honey.

    • Veronica North

      Those blue eyes melt my soul. RIP.

    • LoverNoFighter

      Yes! Her eyes are gorgeous.

  • Jamaal

    Did the boyfriend break up with her or somethign? That happened to me once. I broke up with a chick and she swollowed a bottle of sleeping pills (didn’t die). Ironically that was the only thing she swollowd during our entire relationship LMAO

    • Cyndi R.

      That’s not funny. I knew Peyton and she wouldn’t commit suicide. It was an accident.

    • Harvinator252

      Accident or alcohol is my guess.

    • LoverNoFighter

      How about we wait for the police to do their job?

  • Stjohnmama

    So sad! I grew up and now have a daughter of my own in fishers. Such a loss to the community. My nephew was her classmate. It appears she did drive into Geist. I know the exact area. Who knows if she intentionally did it or did not have control. I don’t think we will ever know exactly what happened. At a loss.

  • Stjohnmama

    Boyfriend did not break up with her and I don’t think she was drinking. She was a model teenager on all fronts. A genuinely good kid, I don’t know why the guy wouldn’t tell the police she was impaired at this point. It would def make news around here. He said he was concerned about her state of mind or something and some other details but its what I’ve heard from some kids so I don’t want to say.

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