Did Francisco Jose Garzon Amo Kill 100 People?

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The driver of the train that derailed near the town of Santiago de Compostela, Spain is named Francisco Jose Garzon Amo. It’s looking more and more like this conductor is responsible for the nearly 100 deaths that have be recorded thus far. Reports indicate he may have been speeding at approximately 115 MPH in an area that had a 50 MPH speed limit — which theoretically caused the crash.

Check below for the 9 pictures of Francisco Jose Garzon Amo, who may soon be considered a mass murderer.

Shortly after the derailment, the driver is quoted as saying he hopes nobody got hurt because he’s “only human”. Well, hombre, I have some bad news for you. Will Spain send this guy to jail? One would imagine so.

Here are the images of the conductor — click “Next” to view all nine shots:

Francisco Jose Garzon Amo

Picture 3 of 9

(source: facebook.com)

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  • Justin

    The video of this accident was horrific to watch. RIP

  • The Truth

    What a horrible accident. Was this guy drunk or how did he not realize he just killed a bunch of people? Weren’t there bodies sprawled everywhere?

  • Jamaal

    LMAO he posted his speeding ways on Facebook. Good luck, gramps.

  • IanSankey

    Train drivers, like bankers are exceptionally well paid for a job which is essentially very easy – is it any wonder that soon they start to see themselves as demigod with an arrogance that makes them thing they’re somehow better than those they’re entrusted to carry?

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