Oops! Lars Ohly Fails at Cropping, Penis Makes Appearance

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Thu, Jul 25 - 4:50 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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A politician in Sweden attempted to post a picture of a new tattoo on his leg. Unfortunately for Lars Ohly, things didn’t go exactly as planned. He apparently forgot to crop the final copy before putting it up on Instagram. The result: An uncensored view of his penis.

I think it’s pretty hilarious, even though old man junk isn’t exactly my idea of a good sight. If you want to see the original photo in all it’s glory, check out this gallery: the last slide is what you’re looking for.

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Lars Ohly

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(Source: Instagram)

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  • Beatrix

    Haha.. Accidental dick pic of a different kind.

  • Patrick

    How do you not notice your penis is in a picture?

  • Jamaal

    Swedish Meatballs? Gross.

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