Cop Penny Dane Has Too Much Fun on Job, Forced to Resign

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I think I found my favorite police officer ever. Penny Dane was investigated by the Daytona Beach PD and it was found that she kept nude shots of herself on a business computer. She was also caught visiting and supplying content to websites of an adult nature. This sounds like the best cop in all the land.

Check out the 9 pictures of Penny Dane below. While her policing gig in Florida appears to be over following a 17-year career, I’m hoping we see much, much more of her. Hopefully she’ll read this and hit us up with a link to one of those websites mentioned above.

Did her fun interfere with her work? She said No because of her awesome ability to multitask. I’m on her side — especially since that’s what the rest of us do all day long. We pretend to work but only really pop into action when it’s needed. Otherwise, we’re surfing the steamier parts of the internet.

Anyways, here are the images. Click “Next” in order to see all nine — the final few of which feature her without a top!

Penny Dane

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  • Jamaal

    Wow! A bit old but I’d still hit that thang like Rodney Kang.

  • iamevolved

    There are no nude pics here! False advertising! I demand a refund!

  • pissedoff

    you are a fucking asshole! where are the topless pics?

  • SaphyreRose

    The site is called And lol it’s a VERY sexy site : ) SaphyreRose

  • mutt mouth

    cute and crazy… the new normal. she can be the freak of the week, but if you express interest, she cries sexual harassment.

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