Chef Colin Devlin of DuMont Burger Commits Suicide

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This one hits close to home. Colin Devlin was a talented chef who owned my favorite restaurant — a place called DuMont Burger. The food there was to die for. Unfortunately, after reportedly failing to secure a business loan to save his restaurant, the Michelin-star chef committed suicide yesterday by shooting himself in the head.

Before he blew his brains out, he texted his wife and told her to take good care of their two children. He then drove to a cemetery and did the dead.


Colin Delvin (source:

I realize that the restaurant was his life but this is a good example of taking business too seriously. It’s just money, after all. Life is a lot more precious that dollar bills or the number that looks back at you when you check your bank account.

Regardless, I’d like to send my sincere thoughts to Colin Devlin’s wife and kids after this terrible tragedy.

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  • Phillykarmasgonnagetya

    You’re a cunt Noah, take this photo down now, this man has a family

  • Anton

    I don’t like this. you kinda suck.

  • janie

    the least u cld do is take “suicide” off the photo if you are going to leave this post up. really in poor taste and very disrespectful to the Devlin family.

  • hisbrother

    it will be fuckin hilarious when his little brother finds you and beats you within an inch of your life. see ya soon noah

  • Lee

    Noah, sometimes people may be diagnosed or undiagnosed with clinical depression. This condition would not lead someone to take their life over one incident. I think you are generalizing a tragedy over a man who you knew his food better than you knew the man or his life history.

  • jackson

    You lack the perspective to be writing about something as complex as this event – stick to record or fashion reviews. I hope this blog isn’t paying you money for this shit. Think this journalistic effort over, regroup, and try not to sound like a twit for the rest of your life.

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