Billy Berger Exhibits Elite Skills on Naked and Afraid

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    While the Discovery Channel has taken a lot of heat for the Naked and Afraid series, I dig this show. In the final installment, Billy Berger must survive swamp lands in the United States. And while this may not sound difficult compared the exotic lands other twosomes traveled to, it proves to be the most challenging of all the quests we’ve seen on the first season.

    Scroll down to see 9 pictures of Billy Berger, who is actually quite an expert in the field of survival. Of all the male competitors, this guy might be the cream of the crop.

    A 39-year-old expert in hunting with a bow and arrow, you probably know him for his work on the Primitive Pathways YouTube channel. He also has a DVD that talks about how you can hunt to survive in the wild. This guy is the real deal!

    Here are the images I talked about earlier. Go ahead and click “Next” in order to view all nine:

    Billy Berger

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      • Tex

        This is an all-American hero. I’m rooting hard for him.

      • abby725

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      • pretty girl

        I would suck his dick everyday, love his butt.

        • Samantha Stahlberg

          me too

      • Norman Dostal

        what a hunk! huge ass!

        • Samantha Stahlberg

          he really is!! Ky was very lucky for having him as a her partner!!……….. If I was her, I would probably hug him and kiss him hehehehe, I Little bit

      • paul clarkson

        he is very skilled, but he cracked mentally. He wouldn’t have made it without the girl

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