Selena Gomez Drops Jaws in Spring Breakers

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Sun, Jul 28 - 12:29 pm EST | 5 years ago by
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    I finally got around to watching Spring Breakers and now I understand why it’s arguably the most talked about movie of 2013. While all the girls look good, Selena Gomez looks the best. This superstar is getting better and better looking as she proceeds into womanhood. Oh, and the more nude, the better.

    Scroll down to see 9 pictures of Selena Gomez like you’ve never seen her before.

    While I wouldn’t say this movie had a great plot, it didn’t really need one. The idea itself was so engrossing and the chicks were such tasty eye candy that it was easy to forget the meandering story lines. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out.

    Here are the aforementioned images — click “Next” to view all nine!

    Selena Gomez

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      • Jamaal

        Smoking! Thanks for this.

      • Tex

        HOw old is she? She looks sixteen.

        • Inal Orzaliev

          22 yrs old

        • hey

          21 actually, she turned 21 July 22.

        • Sara Parker

          Best nipples you ever’ve seen!Follow link below!
          Hmmm NO boobs, tight ass, big dick..
          the other shots only here!

          (copy and paste to your browser if not clickable!) wowwwww

        • Sara Parker

          Miley and Selena argue!

      • cba123

        camel toe pic 7



      • Rev-Edwin W North

        at 5 of 9 still no nudes

      • hi


      • shawn

        shes 21

      • directioner

        she got no butt -.-

      • nick

        found some real nudes of her =O

      • fds

        do you now what nude means?

      • Annoymous

        Im 11 and i think she look Sexy & Hot! <33

      • eunice

        how old are you selena and l really like you in spring breakers

        • selena

          im 21 baby come fuck me

      • Pedo

        I would have loved to have fucked her when she was 14!

        • Alex

          Wow fucking pervert

        • Alex

          Wow fucking pervert

        • SelenaLover


      • Joshua

        Nude? Really? Um…she’s not nude. Rofl.

      • keondre

        your the hotest girl i ever seen

        • Pete Lampo

          Did you haven’t been outside?

        • Pete Lampo

          how do i even english?

      • rose

        Fuck it looks like she just got done blow jobin my boy freind fuck you you hour and slut

      • Alex

        I think i saw her on a p*rnsite before..

      • Angels Yourss

        You Should Watch Selena Gomez Nude Pic From Here –>

      • james
      • Bebedo

        fake nipple, i already saw the movie…

      • Bebedo

        fake nippe of the 1st picture*

      • Sara Lopez

        Selena Gomez new playboy topless pics

      • Brett

        Whos all girls

      • Brett

        Im trying ot get hotter pictures than this

      • Charlie

        I was led here with promises of actual nude Selena Gomez photos. All I got were bikini shots. Where can I actually see her in all of her beautiful, supple, perfection?

      • david

        i just think that selena gomez should be careful she might think that she is not a perfect role model but pepole do look up to her a,lot and her parent,s as well ,

      • Sara Lopez

        Selena Gomez new breast shot!

      • likeporn77

        None of these are nude.
        BTW I love the sexy birth mark on her right breast.

      • persopill

        Very nice Video but full sex movie watch online:

      • Paul Mariani


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