Armed George Zimmerman Speeds in Texas, Police Do Nothing

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Cool, so we’re just going to let George Zimmerman speed around the streets armed with a gun while admittedly driving nowhere in particular? Alright. Well, if you’re a black man living in Forney, Texas, you need to get out of town as soon as possible. There’s a monster on the loose.

Scroll down to see 6 pictures of George Zimmerman being pulled over by local police, who predictably let him off with just a warning. At the end of the gallery, we’ve included a video of the event.

This situation just boggles the mind. This guy can’t stay out of trouble and compounds his mistakes by going everywhere with a gun. At this point, he’s basically just taunting everyone who believe he should be in jail for killing Trayvon Martin.

Here are the images — click “Next” to see all six and the video:

George Zimmerman

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  • Charles Vamos Jr

    What kind of hack journalism is this? He is allowed to legally carry a gun get over it.

    • Smeech

      Pretty predictable of them to whine. That’s all they do. Whinocrats

  • Jimmyjam048

    Admitted killer and accused child molester travels withe. GUN and can’t even get a speeding tickcket. And we are told to “Get over it”. I don’t thonkso.Zimmermans actions of chasing and following this minor are inexcusable. As a NW volunteer, a CCW holder and a criminal justice major he knew good and well he should not have followed or chased a person he deemed suspicious, especially with a gun.
    If convicted, he should fa.e the maximum punishment allowed.

    • Jimmyjam048

      Not sure how the extra stuff got in there. iPad blues.

    • NYJoe

      Another of the disgruntled liberals who thinks that everything must be in accordance with the liberal mindset…get a life as you will never have everything YOUR way, thank goodness

    • ucs75

      Admitted to defending his life, and accused of everything from molestation to growing horns and dancing naked at midnight, making congress with the devil.

      What does any of that have to do with the non-news that another citizen was pulled over for speeding and given a warning?

      Keeping an eye on a suspicious individual in your neighborhood is called being responsible. If he hadn’t been armed, he would probably be dead right now, and all the real racists would be fine with that.

      Defending the natural-right to self defense doesn’t make one racist.

      Had Martin been any other color, he still was an out-of-place individual (recognized as such by a resident), walking through a crime-infested neighborhood at night. His drug abuse, suspension, general thuggery, and decision to brutally attack Zimmerman are an automatic by-product of being black.

      The fact is, that race has nothing to do with the sequence of event leading up to, and culminating in the death of Trayvon Martin. Trayvon’s life choices led him there. Zimmerman was being a responsible citizen, and was physically attacked for it. I hope more punks can learn from this, and possibly turn their lives around before they end attacking the wrong person too. And for the record… being a punk can happen in any skin color.

      It’s only the racists that cry foul.

      As a responsible citizen, he was aware that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. That’s why he kept an eye on the suspicious individual, and attempted to maintain visual contact until the police arrived. As a responsible citizen, he was also armed.

      I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, based on your commentary. Clearly you don’t even understand that the trial is already over, and he was found innocent. The evidence overwhelmingly exonerated him.

      We all have not only a right, but a responsibility to look out for our families and neighbors. Watching someone walk through your neighborhood is neither a threat, or a crime. Martin was not reasonable in fear of anything — or else he wouldn’t have jumped Zimmerman and beat the crap out of him. Zimmerman acted responsibly that night. Martin began inflicting massive head trauma on a man who defended himself.

      The end.

    • Truth

      I am so glad that there are still some educated and reasoning thinking people out there

  • UnSub

    Glad the man has his freedom back. Too much hatred out there. Glad he can protect himself again.

  • UnSub

    And he did not get a ticket. He was let off with only a warning to slow down. Poor reporting. And before you racists start complaining that he would not have gotten off if he was black………..never mind. Go ahead and cry about that too.

  • Smeech

    Oh shut up you idiot. Quit whining. He’s an innocent man.

  • Taddie

    He is not innocent! He was found not guilty… Major difference!

  • BoB

    Who cares if he got a ticket. It’s over. Leave the man alone.

  • Ken

    There is no difference between Not Guilty and Innocent… Since in the United States you are innocent until proven guilty and he was not found guilty then he is INNOCENT.

  • Leslie Alexander

    I am so glad this man hasn’t, and will not, have a moment’s peace. He is a menace to society.

    • Truth

      How in the hell is he a menace to a society?

    • kingj0n

      You’re a menace to society.
      I hope to “God” I do not know people like you.

  • shane gruber

    i am getting so incredible sick of this race baiting; it is getting ridiculous. al shaprton is the biggest reverse racist on the planet… and too many naive liberal sheep hang on his every word. this was a tragic situation, but anyone who actually followed the case closely and didnt just listen to piers morgan knows george zimmerman was in his right to pull the trigger even though we wish he didnt… leave this man and his family alone… he will be haunted by his action forever anyway… if you must… let god judge him.

  • Mrs.Cunningham

    Not a fan of George Zimmerman, but the media just totally compromised his and his family safety by telling his location. I would have never know he was in Texas where it not for the news reports!

  • zachhhhhh

    Im guessing this moron “reporter” has never gotten a warning? Guess what you stupid asshole, he has a right to carry. Get over it.

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