12 Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Released!

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The game drops on September 17, 2013 and the anticipation is mounting. Twelve new screenshots from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V have hit the internet which is just the beginning of a month of teasers about what the game will offer.  We all have heard that they will offer some sort of online content but will it include multiplayer action?  I guess we will find out soon enough!


If his gun doesn’t scare you, his helmet will…


How much dignity can these guys really have?


Livin’ la vida loca!


When all else fails – JUMP!


Surely, this cop is thrilled to see a shirtless guy on a four-wheeler…


These choppers look pretty hardcore…


His house might look luxurious but his clothes look prison-issued…


Hey – it’s not all depressing!


Looks almost like he’s doing his best James Bond impersonation


Because no game about grand theft auto is complete without planes…


Gotta admit… this car looks pretty sweet


Everything about this just looks so wrong

(source: lazygamer.net)

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  • Mr. Nick

    Am I the only one who likes the gameplay from the original the best? These graphics look nice but they dn’t do anything for me, honestly.

  • HollerBoy

    Sweeeet. Can’t wait!

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