Scumbag Simon Cowell Impregnates Friend’s Wife Lauren Silverman

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This goes against every bro code ever written. Lauren Silverman is pregnant with Simon Cowell’s baby. She is also the wife of his best friend. Sure, she’s planning on getting a divorce — but it’s well known that you never stick your pen in the ink until the signatures on the divorce paper are dry.

Look below for 6 pictures of Lauren Silverman, who is good looking — but not a knockout. What puts me off is that mini nose and the wrinkle-free face on the 36-year-old. She needed to stay away from plastic surgery about four operations ago.

It doesn’t matter if Cowell got permission from his best friend. That’s not even something you ask. Now even worse is the fact that she’s pregnant. What a scumbag!

Anyways, here are the images of self-proclaimed socialite. Click “Next” to see all six:

Lauren Silverman

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  • Yaclipso2307109

    That is definitely a scumbag move. I agree 100%.

  • LetItIn

    With girls all over the world who would take his seed why would he plant it in his friend’s wife? This makes no sense. Maybe Simon is gay and this is just the way to throw everyone off the scent. That’s my bet at least.

  • You Do Too

    This girls a slooooooot.

  • Stirring Trouble International
  • George Jefferson

    This guy has the money to get any chick he wants so why the hell would you want your best friend’s sloppy seconds? This proves that rich people aren’t and certainly never smart people!

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