Teacher Kalee Warnick Arrested for Relationship with 15-Year-Old Student

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A high school English teacher in Wall Township, New Jersey named Kalee Warnick has been arrested in conjunction with an alleged physical relationship with a 15-year-old student she taught. In total, she was hit with two felonies and had to post a $50,000 bond to get released from jail.

Scroll down to see 9 pictures of Kalee Warnick, who is only 22 years old. She had reportedly spent the summer as an at-home teacher. Her students say she’s great at her job and was able to make learning fun.

Depending on the details, I’m hoping her life isn’t ruined by this incident. First of all, she could be completely innocent — there’s no need to rush to judgement. Secondly, even if this did indeed take place, the only result would be an extremely happy teenager who gained a lifetime amount of bragging rights.

Here are the images I mentioned — click “Next” to see all nine!

Kalee Warnick

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  • TheKingCometh

    This teacher should get a raise. What a heroic act of kindness to make a freshman’s dream come true!

    • TruthSayer


      Can someone explain waht she did wrong?

    • rs150


    • DevilMayhem666

      He’s been bragging about it on twitter.

    • Eric Martin

      Whats his name?

    • DevilMayhem666


    • Eric Martin
    • DevilMayhem666


  • Craig

    What would you say if it was a 22 year old teacher and a 15 year old girl?

    • Fritz

      Same thing.

    • Krieger

      Booll shidt!

    • Eric Martin

      Women are different.

    • rs150

      Any sex with a minor is rape, it makes no difference how old the other person is. The law is clear on this

    • Marius

      in that case I would say lock him up, but in this case I say ‘lucky bastard’ How difficult can that be?

  • dave alberts

    Lets give the young lady a break. We have due process in this country, she has not been proven guilty.

    • rs150


  • David Plomin

    Are you people serious?! You think this is like a Van Halen Hot For Teacher video?! Switch the genders of the teacher and student and see if you still find it appealing.

    • Marius

      When switched as you say I dont find it appealing but as it isnt switched I can only say ‘lucky bastard’

  • Martin

    Sex was not created yesterday. Sex is natural and inevitable and the need intense, especially at their ages. It happens by the millions every day on this planet. So why always such surprise and indignation. They both love and needed sex and just helped each other and no one was hurt. So where’s the crime.

    • Cindy Lou

      Er, he is 15 years old?

    • Eric Martin

      Elvis married a 15 year old? Marriage consent age?

  • jj


    Another picture you guys missed!

  • PO

    I personally know this family and this girl . It makes me sick to think of some of the things you people are writing because it is a reflection of how you are raised. This young women has done nothing except work three jobs to put herself through college help inner city kids to get and education and bethe most devoted friend daughter granddaughter a person could ever wish for . I have three large football player sons they are all tough and smart they would never post comments like the ones I have seen I hope some of you would would show your faces out in public eye you hide behind the Internet like weak little dogs that eat the scraps that fall off the table

    My boys and I wil defend against any attack from anyone against this kind sweet girl who is of the highest morals character and heart. This wil all come out in the legal process . It’s unfortunate that so many lowlifes have nothing better to do than to write garbage about someone they don’t even know

    • Rob Smith

      Talk about someone acting like an internet tough guy… LMAO

    • johng_3

      Your boys ever think if DP mrs. warnick? I sure do

    • John Nathan Mininger

      We very well could find out that she is innocent. Generally though, they don’t take legal action until they are very confident in the evidence. They have enough “truth” to make an arrest. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

      I personally hope it is not true. She just got out of college and has started her teaching career. To end it so soon, making such an error in judgement, would be a real shame.

    • Wall Affairs

      Is this the married at the time PO that had an affair w/ the accused daughters MOM ! I blame the mom and feel bad for all the innocent children .

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.locke IamAmericanB4black

      So, what is this cryptic message about? Inside info needed I guess.

    • rs150

      What an “upstanding member of society” this woman is!
      SHE’S A RAPIST!!!
      Get over yourself

    • Marius

      as i doubt the boy was ‘mentally scarred’ as a result of her actions, I find it ridiculous that the full justitial apparatus is thrown at her. The boy will probably be bragging about it, while she is registered as sex offender. I dont think justice is served with that. I wish her the best

  • Marcus Lundgren

    When a man rapes a woman, it’s usually because he’s too ugly to attract one the “normal” way. Or because he’s got serious sexual and mental issues. Probably both.

    And it’s also usually men who do raping, due to the fact that men are commonly physically stronger than women, and let’s face it, testosterone make us more desperate.
    Women, on the other hand, don’t have to try to get laid. They probably just have to tell a man that they want to have sex with him and voila!

    That’s why it’s so rare to hear of a case where a woman is the perpetrator!
    And not only that, but she looks sensationally beautiful as well!

    Now, where I come from, the legal age for sex is 15. So I don’t have an issue with a 22 year old having sex with a 15 year old.
    I would only have anything against it if the sex wasn’t consensual, but come on, the only way this boy would feel “traumatized” by this experience would be if he was a religious nut or homosexual!

    Had he been raped by a desperate 50 year old housewife I could understand his position a bit better. But when you’re given every boy’s dream by a supermodel, then stop complaining and thank your lucky stars!

    This reeks of society’s puritanical attitudes towards sex, I fear.
    But it happened in New Jersey! I thought people over there were supposed to be “easy going”?

    • John Nathan Mininger

      What makes it illegal is

      1) He is not old enough to give his consent. It does not matter if she’s 22 or 42 or if she is beautiful or unattractive.
      2) Even if he was old enough to give his consent, it is illegal because it is an abuse of power. She is in a position of authority over him. If he was the legal age of consent and she was not a teacher, there would be nothing illegal about it. If she was 22 and obese and ugly and he gave his consent but only because of the implied (but not stated) threat that there would be consequences if he didn’t comply then we would not be so eager to approve of it. The law protects all students from the potential abuse of power … it does not have a “well she’s hot” exemption.

    • Marcus Lundgren

      Like I said, where I come from, 15 IS the legal age of consent, so I’m not shocked by that.
      But let’s say that he’d been 18 instead. As long as he’d give his consent, does it matter if she’s a teacher?
      I don’t think so.

      As long as neither of them are married, I’d say go for it!

      And as for abuse of power, I think it’s entirely subjective in a case like this. I mean, she’s only 7 years older than him and extremely attractive, so if it happened to me, I’d be desperate for her to molest me!

      I can appreciate, however, that not everyone shares my outlook.
      But I still think that it’s not that bad to abused by a person in a position of power, if that person that you want to be abused by!

      And if this boy didn’t want that, he’s an idiot!

    • rs150

      Live”where you come from” then. The law is different in every state. In New Jersey, ITS RAPE!!

    • Eric Martin

      Power and authority? BS. He was pursuing her. read the whole damn article.

      Women can’t rape men.

    • John Nathan Mininger

      That is the law, it is not a subjective opinion.

      The details of the allegations have not been released. They are not allowed to talk about it. Nowhere do I see that he was pursuing her and if there is such an assertion then it is likely speculation.

      It is unlikely that they would have brought charges based on an unverifiable accusation. There would have been an investigation but there would be no point in making an arrest if they believed there wasn’t enough evidence for an indictment.

      A 15 year old boy is not a man. A 15 year old boy only thinks he’s a man.

    • rs150

      I agree. Don’t you love all these opinions. Where were all these people BEFORE this occurred. Why didn’t they bitch about the law then? Half of these morons don’t vote, then when things don’t go their way, they bitch like blacks for Trayvon

    • Eric Martin

      He said, teach want me , she wants the D.

      got it yet?

    • Eric Martin

      He’s a young man. read the whole story. read his tweets.

      He was in control. get a clue.

    • rs150

      I agree, but they can rape boys. Minors cannot consent to sex. IT’S RAPE!!

    • Marius

      sure, strictly speaking she has broken the law, but i doubt wether the boy was ‘scarred for life’. On the contrary, I am quite sure he has smile from ear til ear.

      the fact that ‘she is hot’ might not be an exemption in the law per se.. but it contributes to the fact that the boy most likely had no problem with it

    • Zeroed Out

      “Smile from ear to ear.”

      Idiot. Do a little research. Ask any counselor and they’ll explain to you that it’s not that simple. Except for a neanderthal like yourself.

    • rs150

      After all those irrelevant points you made, IT’S STILL RAPE!! Learn the law, its made by the people

    • Zeroed Out

      You’re a moron. I know people want to say that it would be such a cool thing for a young boy to bed a hot older teacher — and, sure, there are some boys who could handle it — but here’s what I want you to do: educate yourself by contacting a counselor who has dealt with this exact thing. You might be surprised at how many male teens who have had sex with teachers and other women in authority feel victimized and turn to drugs, alcohol, and even suicide over it.

      In other words, you are an uneducated imbecile.

    • Marius

      and you are an uneducated intolerant puritan.
      if it is a measure how other people fare, well then we should also forbid people to break off relationships coz i know people who killed themselves after a relationship was broken off.
      Let’s forbid drinking coz I know people who drank themselves to death

    • Zeroed Out

      Everything you just said is not an argument at all. You realize that, right? It’s just random stuff you’re throwing out, hoping that something sticks. Which it doesn’t.

      You’re forgetting the fact that this boy is … well, a BOY. Most kids his age have emotions that are all over the place. While it may seem like it would be cool to bang an older woman when you’re in high school, boys that age don’t have the maturity that comes with age. Brushing it off as “I bet he isn’t complaining” shows that you clearly haven’t matured yet. Or, more likely, you’re equating your maturity to that of an adolescent, which simply does not work.

      Think about it like this. Would you feel the same way if it was a girl and an older male teacher? After all, they say that girls mature faster than boys. Or do you believe that a young boy can make the choice to be with an older woman, but a young girl would be a victim?

      Maybe he will be okay with it. But you can’t say that he is. If you research some of these relationships, you’ll see that there are plenty of instances where the boys grew up and were still obsessed with the older woman because their development had been stunted. It’s really sad, actually.

  • johng_3

    Come on, she is thirsty for some. Give her a break.

    • rs150

      And she’ll get plenty in prison. A break, that can be arranged a well!

  • Robert Lee //

    Damn, Kalee, hit me up. I’ll take care of you.

    • Jon E Blaze

      If you’re not a child, she’s not interested, apparently.

  • Jason Wheels

    All these post about let’s give her a break but if this was a male teacher sleeping with a student everyone would be saying give him the death penalty.

    • Jrad

      exactly, why is a boy that gets sexually abused “lucky” and a girl is “raped”. Remember Mary Kay Laturno? She had a baby with her 12yo student… 12year old!!! and got a few years probation, no jail, then had a second baby with the same minor and got only 7 years, then a male teacher was dating a 17yo student and he wasn’t even her teacher, then or ever and there was no baby involved and he got 30 years for a first offense.

      Feminists want equal treatment, why don’t men get equal treatment in cases like this? This teacher should be fired and maybe probation, 17 is almost an adult and he didn’t harm her in any way, but that lady took a small child of 12yo and warped his mind for life, made him a father and she is now free.

      Our legal system is screwed up

  • Jon E Blaze

    Boy, that kid really blew it for himself by blabbing. Pardon the pun there. But who could blame him? I’d put it on a billboard if I scored like this kid at that age!!

  • mayturd’s mom

    Why do we all think that this has happened? Just because it is on the news. Or because the boys family has accused the young lady of doing this. Does it ever occur to any of you that maybe the young man tried to make a move on the teacher and she refused and that is when he decided to slander her. Just saying that possibility is out there. I don’t know either one of these families but before we go making judgements and making gross comments lets first really find out what happened and stop trashing this young lady that could be any one of our daughters that is going through this.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.locke IamAmericanB4black

      First of all, that’s what females do, not males. Females lie to police about sex as a weapon against males (of course that doesn’t mean every case, so don’t get stupid). This would be so un-male like it should be put in a record book or something. Males lie to EACH OTHER about sex, not the police. LOL

    • Marius

      sure… all men are the same and kids never lie

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.locke IamAmericanB4black

      For people like you I made sure to include the “don’t get stupid” comment but it didn’t work.

  • Manny

    Damn Kalee, really? He’s 15 therfore I doubt he knows what he was doing. You’re kind of hot too, I would definitely teach you a lesson. That kid is the man in school now, but it’s crazy how you went for someone that young.

  • Mrs.Cunningham

    I really hope this all comes out to be not true. She georgous and can easily find a man her own age.

    • rs150

      Get over yourself. She’s an ugly skank and a RAPIST!!!

    • Eric Martin

      you jealous? read the whole article. he wanted to rape her.

    • willis

      She doesn’t want an old person she wants a young teen virgin who can give it to her raw, and can cum multiple times in her mouth.How come these young teachers always have sex with under age boys,and they never choose older men . They are freaks whom regularly wear thongs and boys love it, but kids don’t know how to keep a secret cause they aren’t mature yet. They can smoke weed, do drugs and shoot people, and parents don’t care, so why should the cops, and judges care everyone gets laid. Whats worse being a HS drop on skid row or getting laid. I’m 50ish, so they are doing better than me when I was a kid growing up. In the 70′s era that wasn’t happening,and there was no cell phones, so maybe that’s another reason.

  • Eric Martin

    Why are the teens names not given? The law is basically saying a teen can only be a victim.

    Anyways i don’t think women should be given prison sentences for this. It takes two to tango.

  • willis

    These hot , and innocent looking female teachers always choose young boys why is this? Lucky kids I wish it was me.

  • Al Pacino

    damn what a lucky guy, it was always my dream to fuck a hot teacher. oh well maybe in the next 4 years of university if i try hard enough but props to that dude

    • rs150

      Ugly skank, get some specs

  • derExDeutsche

    Damn this kid is lucky.

    • rs150

      She’s an ugly skank

  • Joshua

    ‘She was able to make learning fun’ I BET!

  • Chad

    Just another modern day trashy, garbage White woman.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.locke IamAmericanB4black

      Sad racist. Crawl back under your rock.

  • Cara Crawford

    Apparently this is a case of guilty before proven innocent. We don’t know if said allegations even really took place. People make accusations all the time. Not all of them are founded or true. Yet here you all are already saying things like “Why did she go for a 15 year old…” etc. We don’t even know she really did. We DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. end of rant.

    • John Nathan Mininger

      Ok but there is a difference between an investigation and an arrest. I am sure that they are sensitive to the possibility of rumors, etc, among the student population. That would be cause for an investigation. The teacher may lose their job even without sold evidence substantiating the rumor. The precautions that you take are justified. However, they typically aren’t going to make an arrest unless there is strong enough evidence to bring it to court. It has gone beyond the point of mere rumors and allegations when they make an arrest and set bond.

    • rs150

      She’s Guilty of RAPE!!

  • BigErn

    We need to track this student down and give him his luckiest boy in America medal right away.

  • kbron

    she’s hot! I wanna do her

    • rs150

      Ugly as dogshit

  • kennedy

    F U Cking americans are sex meniacs & they just wanna have nothing but sex apart from their daily meals.. these bastards would be smoked away soon by either north koreans or chinese.. american mother f u ckers woulda been thinking that they are the dominating country in the world.. scrue america… country of fa gg ots…

  • rs150

    This is outright rape and she is a typical slutbag teacher of this day and age. She’s lucky this wasn’t my kid!!!!

  • Michael Mills

    Sickened by the double standard from the posters here… If the situation were reversed (22 year old MALE teacher and 15 year old student) everyone here would be outraged. However, most of the guys and a few of the girls posting here are saying that THIS is Ok, no big deal, he’s “one lucky guy”… Sex has become so cheap in its significance that it’s no big deal to do anything anywhere any longer… Has everyone bought into the idea that we’re just a bunch of animals in heat? Seriously? There have been cases where the girl was younger and was a “willing participant” by her own words in court and the guy was STILL found guilty of statutory rape. Are we now saying that guys are more mature at 15 mentally and emotionally than girls? Sorry but not buying that lie. This KID didn’t know what he was getting into, he was NOT a man he may have thought he was but he wasn’t… She’s a 22 year old teacher who should have known better. Whether she’s guilty or not, I don’t know. She’ll have her day in court for it to be proven if so. However, it’s rare for someone to be charged in a crime like this without significant evidence. Time will tell.

  • PChandler

    “the only result would be an extremely happy teenager… “—

    Cause you would totally say the same thing if the roles were reversed. That ain’t sexist, discriminatory at all!

    Tras de ladrón, bufón.

  • looneytoonsindville

    OK, now I know the kid is lying. A “horrible ordeal” with this hot chick? My aching back!!!!! What did she do, crush his mustache with her labia?

  • Ann

    It is still an ” alleged” physical relationship which still needs to be proven. My heart goes out to that girl who has been “condemned” even before she was proven guilty.

  • Docscholl

    “Secondly, even if this did indeed take place, the only result would be
    an extremely happy teenager who gained a lifetime amount of bragging

    Note to Stephen Kersey:

    Let me know if you feel that way when your daughter turns 15 and has sex with her teacher.

    • Marius

      stupid argument. men are not women and boys are not girls.
      But let me give u a clear reply. If my 15 yr olddaugther was nailed by a teacher I would shoot him.
      If my 15 yr old son would nail a hot teacher I wouldhigh five him. simply because that is how i feel about it, no matter how yr policor nonsense tries to say it is the same, as clearly it isnt.
      The simple fact that many people apparently dont find it the same by definition does make it not the same

  • lmnop

    Her and Brandi shroyer should team up n get a good lawyer

  • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.locke IamAmericanB4black

    Yeah we’ve heard all the denials before. Remember Debra LaFave? My son was one of her students, not the lucky student but one of them none the less. All the same things were said about her, she’s too pretty, she’s married, she’s too professional (not), she’s smarter than that. There was so much evidence that something like this was going on but school authorities just ignored it. She lied to have this kid put on detention (Debra LaFave) so that she could spend time with him, she arranged to be one of the chaperones on at least one of two field trips to be with him, she drove him to and from almost all of his basketball games, she took him on out of town shopping trips without parental permission, she had sex with this kid in the back of her suv while the kids cousin drove them around, she preformed oral sex on him (and we all know that Clinton said this really isn’t sex so why are we talking about it, right?) in her classroom and at her condo that she shared with her HUSBAND. This type of things has happened dozens of times over the past few years and that’s just the ones that have been caught.

    So, we don’t know that she’s guilty but she’s in a position that is becoming more and more common, every day.

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