The Best of the “Naked and Afraid” Girls from Season 1

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Sat, Aug 3 - 8:59 pm EDT | 9 months ago by
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We’ve come to the end of the first season of Naked and Afraid. While I’m definitely sad, there is a lot of greatness to celebrate. This Discovery Channel show was criticized by some but I thought it was the best new series of the summer. What more could a guy want to watch than a survival show featuring girls without the aid of clothes? It’s perfection.

We’ve put together then 28 best pictures of the season No. 1 to show the six female contestants in an uncensored manner. At the end of the gallery, we’ve included a links so you can see more of each of these lovely ladies.

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Kellie Nightlinger

Julie Wright

Kellie Nightlinger

Ky Furneaux

Julie Wright

Ky Furneaux

Kim Shelton

Kim Shelton

Ky Furneaux

Laura Zerra

Alison Teal

Alison Teal

Ky Furneaux

Alison Teal

Kim Shelton

Julie Wright

Kellie Nightlinger

Kellie Nightlinger

Ky Furneaux

Kim Shelton

Kim Shelton

Ky Furneaux

Julie Wright

Kellie Nightlinger

Ky Furneaux

Kellie Nightlinger

Ky Furneaux

Click here for more Alison Teal pics.
Click here for more Laura Zerra pics.
Click here for more Julie Wright pics.
Click here for more Kim Shelton pics.
Click here for more Kellie Nightlinger pics.



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  • Albert Juan Piernias

    Amazing! I love ‘em all.

  • TheSupremeOne

    Reality shows have totally ruined TV. At least I got to enjoy TV growing up in the 70′s and 80′s.

    • Eric Martin

      Agree but some are good. I like car shows.

      There are no TV shows on for guys.

    • JimThom

      Reality TV totally stinks for the most part. I agree. Reality- It only means non-union writers, actors, etc. I don’t like unions but really don’t like reality TV. A better title for this series would be “censored and brave”

  • Eric Martin

    This is NOT NUDITY. They call this nudity in the USA? WHY? They blur censor the breasts and the bottom area. So only the buttocks in Nudity.

    This is why TV sucks in the USA. The FCC/politicians control everything. All the movies are censored on CABLE……..cable tv.

    Is this the best HDTV images can do? Very blurry.

  • Mark

    It says “uncensored” but all the pics are just screen shots from the show, completely censored. We only watch this show to see boobies and vaginas, so what gives!?!

  • mike

    First the show sucked. Second if you digitally alter the pictures so you can’t see their genitals or tits then they’re censored you phony stupid shit

  • Emmanuel

    Can black man or woman qualify for the show? Imagine a black man naked and afraid in the jungle, he probably would not be able to keep it down….. lol

    • Big Daddy Flapjack

      Wouldn’t black people be more suitable for jungle life? LOL

    • Jack

      Wouldn’t white people be more suitable? As you can see, whites are the only people casting for this show.l.. Just a thought.

    • Goober

      Given shows like Moonshiners, Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo, and just about every NASCAR and country music concert, I’d say white rednecks are most suitable for jungle life. LOL

    • Dr. Funkenstein

      Faye’s whole family might be best suited

    • WPWW

      Blacks wouldnt make it, obama would have no where to ship them all the shit us whites pay for.

    • Hater

      Flapjack. U droopy face sap sucker…big talk on a computer

    • deante watson

      I would love to see an black person on that show

    • Cleotis

      Black people would ruin the show blacks ruin everything and ribs don’t grow on trees

    • realitycheck

      you’re a bigoted moron.

    • CommonCents

      You are aware that racism is recognized by psychatrists as a mental illness right? LOL Damn it must really suck to be you.

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain

      And YOU are aware that the American Psychological Association said that 24 MRI studies of thousands of people all over the world established that blacks have brains 5% smaller than whites and 6% smaller than blacks. Right? Or did you miss that?

      Here, catch up on your reading:

      Damn, it must really suck to be wrong!

    • Muzik

      I’d love to see a black couple as well and/or another race, but then again, whites are the one in American society who like to do dangerous things just for the hell of it. There may not be a lot of other races applying.

    • Dr. Funkenstein

      or maybe the producers on Discovery and NatGeo prefer to do documentaries on nonwhites in jungles and in the third world in real life….and whites when it’s all fun, games with a touch of glory and hero-worship.

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain

      I wouldn’t watch the episode. Neither would a lot of people, and the producers know that.

      I want to see people like ME put in that situation. Same with porn. I don’t want to see black women being tortured and raped because I can’t imagine that it’s me chained to a table.

      This isn’t racist, either. If a black person said they only want to see blacks on the show, everyone would think it’s cool.

      -faye kane ♀ girl brain
      sexiest astrophysicist you’ll ever see naked

  • DG

    You said the photos were uncensored??

  • JustYourAverageGuy

    I thought this was an amazing show. The only thing that would make it better is to place more “real” people in the survival situations. Take me for example, I am a hunter, I mountain bike with my oldest boy, cross country and down hill ski with him, but I’m not what you would call a “survivalist”, haven’t had any formal survival training, haven’t been in any of the armed forces, 42 years old, 5′ 11″ and weigh 190 lbs (and no, it’s not all muscle). Not what you would call over weight, but not the fittest person either. Just a normal, average person, and would probably not make it the 21 days. I realize why they pick the people they do for this show, it makes for good TV, but I would love to see more “average Joe’s” (for lack of a better term) participating in this show in Season 2.

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain

      No way. Professional survival instructors barely survive, and two almost died.

    • CommonCents

      You sent me this message:
      “And YOU are aware that the American Psychological Association said that 24 MRI studies of thousands of people all over the world established that blacks have brains 5% smaller than whites and 6% smaller than blacks. Right? Or did you miss that?

      Here, catch up on your reading:

      Damn, it must really suck to be wrong!”
      That’s a stupid argument even tho you tried to make it make sense; you might want to read it again. YOUR brain is many times smaller than an elephant’s. Does that make the elephant more intelligent than you? Size of the brain is not relative to intelligence, nor mental illness. Besides, we only use 10 to 11 percent of our brains.
      You could be the smartest person on Earth with the biggest brain; but that does not make you immune to stupidity or the fact that the APA recognizes racism as mental illness. Also by that comment you showed your delusional world in thinking by your skin color you are somehow smarter or superior to others.
      This black man here would run circles around you in any kind of aptitude test; and I will bet my last dollar there are many more african americans who would do the same. I smile when I get to show coworkers how closed-minded they are in judging me by my skin color, as I fly by them aquiring my license levels and certifications that they fail to obtain in the EXACT same licensure exams, and have one-on-one daily lunches with the president of the company – who happens to be white.
      And get this: I was raised in the real ghetto. The bricks. Been shot four times because of the area I lived in, I had to be tough. But it did not define me. It strengthened me and gave me a reason to fight another day for what I believe in.
      I see you put yourself on a mighty high pedestal. I wish I could be there to see the day you get your ‘superior’ feelings hurt and outperformed by a person of another color. DAMN it must suck to be you! LOL Have a nice day.

    • Endasil

      if you are going to bash someone for having their own facts wrong, make sure your own are right.

    • Dr. Funkenstein

      Funk you…beotch!

    • Scott_D

      How are average Joe’s going to survive on this program?

  • John

    Everywhere I go on the internet someone has to make any topic about race. Sick and tired of everything getting turned into a racial thing, out grow it people and move on. Maybe black people haven’t auditioned for it yet, according to stats there are more “white” survivalists, but that’s just me noticing that it’s simple mathematics, they are more white people.

    • Dr. Funkenstein

      Go funk yourself John

  • dyne

    Uncensored. Pffff. The pics are blurred.

  • JubalHarshaw

    still blurs the breasts and genitals…

  • drewsmonte

    Naked; just what a level headed person would want to be out in the wild. Desperate attempt for ratings. Reality TV keeps on lowering the bar and has nothing to do with reality. It should be called “Naked And Stupid”.

  • sinbadsailor

    Are any of these couples hooking up while they sleep naked in the jungle? It’s only natural.

  • Muzik

    Stephen Kersey doesn’t know the meaning of “uncensored”?

    • Earl barlow

      agree 100 %

    • Edgar Orino

      Me too!

  • hobbiejc

    Why watch the show if the show not going to show anything they might as well put on clothes . this is really stupid they call the show naked and afraid and they walk around naked but the cameras block everything so what the use watching this show let them put on clothes then it might be more interesting.

  • CommonCents

    Picture 27 of 28 you can see her hairy pussy.

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain

      And in pic 11, you can see where the guy tried to edit Laura’s pic in photoshop but screwed it up. Look at her left side.

      He also made her look skinner in pic 2.

    • Guest

      All I see there is a sliver of bush. Nice, but not exactly P…

  • buck naykit

    This sucks show me the goods without blurring parts out….come on get with the program!,,

  • Bullfuddy

    Naked and afraid uncensored,bullshit.discovery channel doesnt know what uncensored means.

  • Justin Goldberg

    These photos look similar to the nude beach celebrity paparazzi photos. They’re not that different from normal people without makeup.

  • ehhh… yawn

    Very Lame. Everything is censored except the butts. Couple of nice butts there but it would be better to see the whole thing

  • Edgar Orino

    Do you know the meaning of uncensored? Then why are they blurred?

  • Keene

    am i the only one who feels like masturbating of these pics?

  • dennis

    if you’re going to state “uncensored”, do it..if not, called naked and afraid “BLURRED”
    be honest with people….at least, blur the minimum.

  • Real’G patterson

    Lol white women are shaped awkwardly

  • rick

    did anyone get laid?

    • Keith Dime

      Your mom did

  • abcdefg

    If I go on that show, I will have a 2 foot hard-on, permanently. Wife sitting with me said that comment alone is grounds for divorce. The name of the show should be Naked and Horny.

  • Uncensored my Butt

    Dont say uncensored if it isnt UNCENSORED. These CLEARLY have blurred marks and are censored. Very deseptive titling and shady way to try and gain web traffic. You wana grab a loyal audience – DONT LIE!

  • psou

    these people are not surviving they just wait until their fat run out and they will die,
    they don’t know how to make traps don’t even know how to kill snakes used bamboo to broil water etc.. and they call them self survivals that’s a JOKE

  • Marine2066

    What’s going on with this unsensored crap, REALLY? ?!! Everthing is blurred, all the cursing is bleeped, never watching ” Naked and Afraid ” again, you a bunch of Deceivers! !!

  • gofinsc

    Not that any of these girls apparently have boobs really worth looking at (although there are a few decent behinds), these are not uncensored pictures.

  • The Pudendal Nerve

    Imagine the reactions of interracial couples on this show! A white woman wouldn’t be able to stop gawking and a black woman wouldn’t be able to stop laughing.

  • Keith Taylor

    They are naked, afraid, unprepared and, for supposed “survival experts”, very, very stupid … even my wife thinks so. Stick them out there for three months and none of them would walk out alive. If this is the best America can offer, then they are not going to be many of them left when the brown stuff strikes the impeller blades.
    The show is flawed in the first place because a true survivor would NOT establish a base camp and forage farther and farther from it each day. A true survivor would be mobile and a damned sight more observant than any of the contestants have been so far. None of them knows how to make expedient weapons and how to hunt/trap animals, so what makes them “survivalists” if they lack these essential skills?