Italian Alice Gruppioni Murdered on Venice Beach Boardwalk

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After getting married on July 20th, Alice Gruppioni was enjoying the Los Angeles area on her honeymoon. Unfortunately, she’ll never make it back to her home of Rastignano, Italy because she was killed on the boardwalk at Venice Beach by a bloodthirsty driver. In total, 11 others were injured — including her husband.

Look below for 9 pictures of Alice Gruppioni, who was only 31 years old.

The driver has been arrested and is being charged with murder. Witness are adamant that it wasn’t an accident and that the man behind the wheel was purposely trying to injure pedestrians. After the incident, he fled the scene on foot — but was caught hours later.

We send our sincere condolences to this lady’s friends and family. Here are the images — click “Next” to view all nine:

Alice Gruppioni

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  • Jack Klugman

    Its one thing to be a pathetic loser. Its another thing to take the life of a beautiful innocent woman on her honeymoon. I hope this dude rots in jail for the rest of his life and one day comprehends exactly what he did. Then spends eternity paying for it. What a complete d-bag. Your life sucks? Well, stick your head in the oven with the gas turned on. Do us all a favor…. trash.

  • Roush

    Fucking Tard needs to die….

  • Dre

    death penalty for this scumbag, and make it swift.

  • rejco

    I guess this couple’s travel agent forgot to mention California is extremely dangerous.

    • nobody important

      The news said that the jerk behind the wheel was a transient from Colorado….

  • Lynn

    My condolences to Christian and his family. An idiot decided to end the life of such a young woman and take her away from a loving family and husband. Sending my deepest sympathies for any family member or friend who may read this crime post. Un forte abbraccio da Riccione , Italia.

  • InC

    My prayers are with the family

  • InC

  • manal

    if it was a murder , hope the groom has nothing to do with this

    • stellabystarlite

      Wow, what a dopey remark. You’ve been watching too many old Hitchcock movies.

  • Christine

    What a tragedy! I cannot stop thinking about that poor woman and her husband, I can’t imagine how he will cope. I hope that evil man suffers the rest of his life.

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