Shaaliver Douse, 14, Shot Dead by Cops in the Bronx

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According to police, a 14-year-old refused to put down a gun. In response, cops killed him by shooting him in the jaw. Shaaliver Douse died in Bronx, New York — a few blocks from where he lived. Authorities are supporting the actions of the two responding rookie officers.

Scroll down to see 6 pictures of Shaaliver Douse, who admittingly led a troubled life. He had been arrested numerous times previously, including an attempted murder charge.

Do I agree with the cops shooting him in the face? Not really. He was only 14. Government officials should have gotten this kid help instead of allowing the police to murder him.

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Shaaliver Douse

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  • Mike Hunt

    Right, because I’m sure this imbecile would have ended up becoming an upstanding, contributing member of society one day.

    • Jamaal

      So anyone who doesn’t show signs of being an upstanding, contributing member of society by age 14 needs to be killed?

    • Old Queen

      Anybody who has been videotaped shooting at the face of other 14 year old kids in a residential neighborhood needs to be stopped. How is that hard to understand?

    • pete

      It is not hard to understand. Jamaal is just blinded by being a cop hating nasty hateful racist. No cure for that.

    • pete

      The cops were suppose to just stand there and do nothing I suppose. This thug already shot someone before having been charged with attempted murder in addition to having a huge rap sheet but facts don’t matter to a hateful racist idiot like yourself. This has nothing to do with a 14 year old but with your hatred of cops. I am sure that if somebody were to point a loaded pistol at you, you would just stand there and do nothing. Losers like you do nothing but criticize and are never a solution to any problems.

    • Bob Smith

      If trying to shoot someone on the street and refusing to drop the gun when confronted by police qualify as not showing “signs of being an upstanding, contributing member of society by age 14″, then yes. He deserved what he got. Those officers should be given a medal for helping reduce crime in the neighborhood.

    • pcg

      The thug was shooting (and not for the first time) rounds at another human being and then pointed his gun at the police.

      Yes he needed to be killed to save the lives of other people. That you’re defending him is pathetic.

    • AnthonyGarcia61

      Not everyone, Jamaal, but the thug assholes that get killed will not be missed by our society! This piece of shit was on his way to an early death from the day he was born to his loser mom, after all you learn what you are taught and seeing what a fine example his mom was I am not surprised by his actions! Tough life for sure, but even he knew what he was doing was wrong, no sympathy for the loser or his family, good riddance, his death makes our society safer! Stop being such a worthless liberal Jamaal and see what his kind are doing to the fabric of a decent society!

    • Louis Bricano

      No, and this kid wasn’t hunted down as a threat to society, even though he was one. He was shot and killed because he was in the immediate act of being a lethal threat to society. It is a good thing that this piece of filth is dead. It really is.

    • Louis Bricano

      It would be a Jamaal wringing his hands over the death of this piece of filthy, wouldn’t it? Not a Philip or a Nigel or an Elspeth. No, it has to be a Jamaal.

    • Tony

      You got that just about spot on.

    • RobinHood

      Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. As if you know there’s a lion already on the loose and you’re still advocating let it roam free? Don’t you care for the others this animal had hurt in the Past? Let’s not not let race cloud your better judgement. If you had raised a kid like this yourself, I’d gladly shoot him mydelf.

    • Keith

      No, but anyone using a gun in the crime should be dealt with with extreme prejudice. And your kind or response Jamaal is why the black man will never be equal in the eyes of most whites. Until your culture can accept responsibility for their actions, they will always be second class citizens.

    • Mrs.Cunningham

      I agree that what this boy did was completely wrong. He was clearly an out of control criminal. However to catergorize ALL African American’s as unresponsible and unaccountable is completely outlandish. I refuse to let you, or anyone else make the declaration “African American’s are second class citizens”. My race does not define me as and other’s in my racial group. I am sure there are criminal’s in your racial group, but I would never say that your a second class citizen because of it. No races of people are superior to ANY other race of people. PERIOD!!!!! Your being very narrow-minded, and I am offended by your reckless comment.

    • Terri

      Very well said! Sometimes my ‘white’ race be so embarrassing! This is 2013 we have an “take African American president! Time to take COLOR out of our vocabulary and sart using the word HUMAN!!! No parent should ve to bury a child! While it was wrong what the boy did, to call him a POS and other names, to an entire of race is people is just wrong! @Keith…..I work in Corrections…..MOST of the peodphiles are white men…….What des that make OUR race???? There is good and bad in every race and once again we need to talk individuals NOT colors!

    • Keith

      Be offended. But try to tell me that if a black killed a white that there would be the same outrage as if a white killed a black. Tell me that the blacks voted for Obama because of the crackerjack job he did during his first term. Tell me that when OJ was found innocent, you didn’t party, but when Zimmerman was found innocent you wanted his blood. Know what? You can’t. Narrow minded? Look in the mirror. My comment is not reckless…it’s how a lot of whites feel. Where as most whites won’t say it because the blacks first response is either to fall back on the slavery card, or because of being generally inferior will resort to violence.

    • Mrs.Cunningham

      I voted for Obama because I am a democrat, I would vote for any democrat. I am a college student, that was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so financial aid is needed. I am too young to even know about the OJ Simpson case, so I have no opinion about that. As far as Zimmerman, I don’t know what happened that night, no one does but God, Zimmerman and Martin. However I don’t believe that anyone’s life (Zimmerman’s or Martin’s) life was worth it. I don’t play the race card, or slavery card. Because I’m not a slave nor do I have that mind-set. I look in the mirror everyday and see a productive member of society. If African American are so “inferior” as you say then, you should just stay in your cave, because we are everywhere. In the courtroom as judges and lawyers, in the hospital as doctors and nurses, in the boardroom as CEOs. You should look in the mirror, hopeful you don’t see a racist, because that’s exactly how you sound. All Caucasian people do not feel the way that you do, you are a in a small group of weirdo’s. You don’t know me personally to make any judgements about me. Hopefully I don’t have to save your life one day, when I’m an ER doctor. We both know you don’t want my “inferior, slave” hands on you. Have a great day, smile and OPEN, your mind, college would be beneficial for you. ;)

    • No Sympathy

      What you just described was white society up and until about the millennium.
      If we are to look at death row stats, police shootings and mass incarceration, you tell me there is no such thing as white on black violence.
      I still have no sympathy for this kid, but spare me your whites as victims bullshit. Whites built this country on enslavement of Blacks, murder of Indians, and confinement of Asians. If whites feel like victims, then look I the mirror for the perpetrator.

    • walman

      When he points a gun at a cop, Sure does. He was obviously very wreckless. Should the cop just stood there and take a couple rounds cuz this punk was just 14? Tell you what, I carry, and if a five year old is shooting at people and then points the gun at me, he’s done!

    • Frank Lee

      He seems to have been pretty far down a path other than upstanding….”
      Kelly said the teen had fired multiple rounds and was chasing someone through the streets of the Bronx about 3am Sunday. When
      two officers confronted him, he refused to drop the pistol and pointed
      it at them, the Commissioner said at a press conference Sunday evening. ”

      Seems like the officer did what he needed to do in order to insure his own safety, and probably saved other lives from Shaaliver. And really, what was his mother thinking giving him that name?

  • Repeal the 16th Amendment

    Since the pistol was in the open breech position does that mean the little angel had already emptied the magazine and felt it was safe to point at the cops?

  • Name

    great another sad story of how this kid was a good kid and how he was changing his life around!!! Here come’s more riots!!!

  • shredmas

    He could have been Obama’s son

    • Katherine

      Are you trying to make a comparison between this kid and Trayvon? Because those cases are very different.

    • Louis Bricano

      No, no so different. When Obama said that Traycon “looked like” Obama’s potential son, he was only talking about skin color. Traycon was black, and this kid was black. Both could have been Obama’s sons – no difference at all.

    • PRDiddy

      No, they were both thugs that got shot for acting like thugs, so actually, they’re pretty similar.

  • Vast

    This wasn’t Douse’s first run-in with police. In May, the 14-year-old
    was charged with attempted murder and assault after allegedly shooting a
    15-year-old neighbor.

  • FlatFoot

    He was only 14. Government officials should have gotten this kid help instead of allowing the police to murder him.

    Wow. What a pathetic piece of $hit website this is. L8r dayz!

  • ted

    yeah… and what would you have done when he pointed the gun at you, ya fuckin idiot?!?!?!

  • Blue Truth

    the reason he shouldnt be shot was because he was 14? Police Officers dont have time to determine the age of a suspect while shots are ringing out. Have a clue you idiot

    • Jamaal

      This kid is well known in the area. They knew who he was when they aimed the gun at his face and pulled the trigger.

    • pete

      Really? You know the 14 year old? Then why the fu… didn’t you offer him a place to stay and give him the help he needed you douche!

    • Bob Smith

      was* well known. Problem solved.

    • mister

      so Jamal, if one of the 3 kids this kid was shooting at was yours, would you be ok with the shooting then? the cops should just have let this kid murder 3 others because they were standing on his corner? and he fired a shot at the cops. What was the right play here Jamal? the cops to shrug their shoulders and say oh well, just let the guy go because he’s black.

    • Louis Bricano

      What they knew, Jamaal, you budding race hustler, is that he had a gun and had been shooting it and refused to drop it. They did the right thing – not in rational dispute.

    • RJ

      If he was well known in the area as you say he was Jamaal, then he DAMN sure shouldn’t have been out a 3 am, especially after he was charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER in May after shooting at a 15 year old. Are you sure they knew him…at 3 AM in the morning?

    • dominicancoke

      I hope some ignant lil hood boogers get in a shoot out n kill your mother to see if you will still defend them

    • Keith

      You sure Jamaal, you know we think you all look alike…especially at 3 am with shots being fired.

    • AnthonyGarcia61

      Especially at 3 in the morning!

  • Creepy White Cracker

    Great job by the cops! Saved tax payers a bundle by killing the SOB.

  • Jamaal

    He was only 14. He didn’t know what he was doing. At 14, we all made dumb mistakes.

    If he was white they would NOT have shot to kill. Shoot a baby in the face? Stay classy, NYPD.

    • Sender

      Age doesn’t matter in such a situation. He was holding and discharging a deadly weapon. If he died from whatever force was applied to stop him from killing anyone then so be it.

      Heres a story about a kid being killed for carrying a pellet gun, and he was hispanic which makes him white after the Martin trial.

    • pete

      You cant reason with a cop hating racist like Jamaal.

    • Bob Smith

      I don’t know about everyone else but I didn’t make the dumb mistake of shooting at someone on the street when I was 14. I also didn’t further my dumb mistake by refusing to drop a gun when the police order me to. Sounds like he’s a thug that got what he deserved. He won’t be shooting anyone else anymore. Problem Solved.

    • Old Queen See the video? He doesn’t look or act like a baby. Don’t try to racialize this. The kid could be from Uruguay or Prague, it wouldn’t matter. He’s a sociopath.

    • pete

      Are you an ignorant dummy? Of course you are you loud mouthed racist!

    • Due_Process

      Dumb mistakes? WHAT? Chasing someone with an illegal weapon in a city where handguns are banned, and discharging that weapon in an attempt to KILL another human being is not a mistake – it’s INTENTIONAL!

      Lose your racist attitude.

    • pete

      This is the baby that you must be referring to who was shot in the face and wasn’t shooting or waiving a gun around.

    • Stelton Station

      He was not «waiving» a gun around — one «waives» rights, not guns.

    • pcg

      Firing a gun at people isn’t a dumb mistake.

      You’re simply looking for an excuse to bash the NYPD and further excuse sociopathic black behavior caused by the failures of YOUR community (or rather lack of it)

    • rwagg

      He wasn’t a baby. He was a thug and already tried murder and was again doing so when he was shot. At 14, you know exactly what you are doing. He wasn’t 10.

    • heartprivacy

      Shoplifting is a dumb mistake that a lot of 14 year olds make. Attempted murder is not.

    • rwagg

      Instead of blaming the NYPD and the white man for all your community’s problems, why not look into the issue of all the baby daddy’s and 70 percent single moms struggling to survive, which makes it tough to afford college, which perpetuates poverty and crime in a symbiotic relationship. No, nevermind…it’s easier to blame the krackas and the po-po.

    • No sympathy

      Remember you said that in about 20 years. White single parent female headed households are now at about 58%, Black, 76%.
      Just remember to ask for extra pickles when you have to eat your words. You whites never learn; blacks are the experiment, whites are the final product.

    • rwagg

      I do appreciate this reply as it shows it is a growing problem among whites as well. Thanks.

    • RJ

      You must be trolling. There’s no other explanation. If you keep shooting at people, you just might have to DIE. Real talk.

    • dominicancoke

      U pos i hope a kid like him chases your brother down n shoots him see if u have that same.opinion

    • dominicancoke

      On second thought u are right cause when i was 14 i always made the dumb mistake of coming home late cutting school getting suspended n shooting at people at 3am months after i shot a kid in the shoulder also pointing 9mm at cops

    • wolverhater1

      You are right i think the police every where should fence you in and let you kill each other off. Less tax money paid by us.

  • disqus_foBkzEAj4D

    He was just getting his life together after beating his attempted murder rap in May.

  • Due_Process

    “Government officials should have gotten this kid help instead of allowing the police to murder him.”

    Are you kidding me? When should the person and their parents take responsibility instead of having the “government” (e.g. taxpayers)?

  • Alex

    Government official should have gotten this kid help??? Since when is it the governments problem to make sure this kid is helped…that’s his families job. The biggest problem with society today is actually thinking that the government has a duty to help you.

  • Jailin Rose

    This kid’s personal history pointed to the exact ending that he met.

  • Sally

    “Do I agree with the cops shooting him in the face? Not really. He was only 14.”


    Like the cops had a meeting and decided to go shoot a 14yr old kid in the face.

    • Louis Bricano

      Yeah, they all met at the Dunkin Doughnuts and took a vote. “Jaw” won a plurality, with 48%; “Foot” came in second with 35%, and “Testicles” came in a distant third with a mere 17%. So, they shot him in the jaw. Democracy rules.

  • MTG

    Live by the GUN, Die by the GUN.

  • Roger Rabitt

    Another one of those poor little gangster thugs that could have been Obummers son. :-(
    Live like a THUG you DIE LIKE A THUG!
    Sad but the way it is!

    • Louis Bricano

      For the life of me, I don’t see how the frenzied race-obsessed left wing can see the Kenyan Marxist’s statement about Traycon, and presumably Shaaliver [sic], “looking like” his son as being anything other than simple-minded racial identification. Otherwise, we are left to assume that the Kenyan and his wife, both well educated lawyers with degrees from top tier schools, would raise two model citizen daughters, but somehow their son would be an urban thug.

  • Mamalookaboobaday

    Thankfully non of the officers were injured, clearly the prison system is not a deterrent to these types so they just need to be put down.

  • rwagg

    He was trying to murder again. Glad he was killed.

    • dominicancoke

      One less shooter but theis plenty more in that hood

  • rwagg

    And this article is stupid…aiming at a moving subject isn’t easy. I doubt they tried to shoot to kill, but it happened. Better than him wasting taxpayer money in prison, getting out and killing somebody and going to jail again for life.

  • mah

    Police did good job, this criminal kid is menace to society.

  • Commenter 49335

    Yep, blame the white man again. Pathetic. Where was the village to raise this child? Where were the parents of this child?

    • rwagg

      Since the overwhelming majority of blacks are raised by single moms without even a baby daddy in the picture, he likely did not have both parents. And of course was poor since he wasn’t in a two-income home, which leads to perpetuating poverty by poor education. It’s time blacks realize their problems are of their making, not kracka’s fault. Perhaps if black men could keep it in their pants, divorce and baby daddy’s would not be a problem.

  • mister

    thank god another punk off the streets. This kid was actually in the process of murdering 3 other children. 3 mothers out there had there kids return home safely because of the police. What’s a 14 year old doing out at in a notoriously rough, crime ridden neighborhood? Anyone that even slighltly thinks the saving of those other 3 lives wasn’t warranted is an imbicile!

  • Louis Bricano

    It is no loss that this kid is dead. He was a cancer on society. It’s good that he has been excised.

    • George Kay


    • dominicancoke

      Amen may he sleep in hell

  • Maaike

    If you Americans didn’t have so much weapons in the first place, Shaaliver wouldn’t got his young hands filled with one! I’m Dutch there is no way in hell that children over here are running around with gun’s!!!!!

  • kerumbo

    Shaaliver was out at 3 AM to buy Skittles. He fired at the back of a fleeing man because the man was following him by running in the opposite direction to lure him. Then he aimed the gun at police because he thought his gun was a flashlight. Why are we not shown pictures of him at age 2, or preferably as a fetus? No justice, no peace!

    • RobinHood

      And you know why he was out to buy skittles lol

      He was going to make purple drank–what they also said Trayvon was doing.

  • Taylor K.

    gets what he deserves. age doesnt mean shit, race doesnt mean shit. if you pointed a gun at me and shot a round you better believe im gonna blow your head right off. whether youre white, black, asian, whatever.. welcome to reality

  • Annonime

    One vermin the less, shed yer tears oh brethren.

  • George Kay

    DUMB MISTAKE? He already tried to kill someone else just a few months ago.. and now again? That’s not a dumb mistake. That is a kid who is useless to society and good riddance to him.

  • dominicancoke

    One less pos running the streets! Out at 3am only 14 years old good riddance society is a bit safer in melrose untill the next hoodrat pops more future thugs out her vagina

  • John Trapp

    Do I even have to guess his “moms” who he probably hasn’t seen in 5 years will sue the city and being that it’s the Bronx she will get a 6 figure settlement? And she’ll spew out more little products of raw f*cks and let them run amok as well, and guess who has to pay for that? Don’t forget: Today Mario Mafia Cuomo announced that if you owe the state of New York more than $10k in taxes the state will take away your drivers license. But these gangsta producing hos costing the taxpayers a fortune, what happens with them? Why isn’t the city suing this punk ass mofos parents for letting him run amok 3am on a Sunday night with a gun? If that was my kid and he was 14, there is no way in hell he would be out 3am on a Sunday night or even a Saturday night, no way in hell, so WTF is their excuse?

  • doowdivad

    I am delighted that little creep Shaaliver Douse was shot. It’s a shame that the authorities don’t have it in their remit to systematically eradicate all thugs like this from society. He definitely was not murdered, shot to death, but not murdered. I do hope the policeman was alright.

  • Mrs.Cunningham

    I don’t think he should have been killed, but when the police say “put down your weapon” you put it down. When you don’t your asking for them to kill you. This kid should have been put away, he was not only a threat to others but himself. He would have still been alive, had someone namely the parents stepped in. Who know’s maybe he could have turned his life around like Judge Greg Mathis.

    • dominicancoke

      I feel u but judge mathis had a mother who cared about him some what. this kid was 14 out at 3am i bet his moms aint care at all

    • Mrs.Cunningham

      You have a point. Kids do need someone to guide and love them. I would like to think that people can turn their lives around. Wishful thinking, I guess…….

    • dominicancoke

      You have to want to turn your life around just like many people have. but one mistake can end it all and shooting people in streets its one hell of a mistake this kid obviously came from a broken home..cute pic by the way

    • Mrs.Cunningham

      He might have come from a home with both mother and father, he’s just messed up. Broken homes are not the demise of our society. I came from a single parent home and I’m not a nut. His parents had absolutely no control over him. Thanks for the compliment.

    • disqustedude

      The race baiters appear to make it impossible for those who can only see the death of black teenage boys, in this case and the Trayvon Martin case, as anything other than angelic victims. Ideally both SD and TM would be alive, at home doing chores, preparing for school, obeying their parent’s, and learning to be a blessing to those around them. Where do we go from here? Blame the cops and make it illegal for them to fire upon anyone under 18? Make it illegal for a neighborhood watchman to defend himself while pinned to the ground and being further pummeled? I don’t care if SD or TM were white, red, yellow or brown the outcome should have been the same. Or else the policeman would likely be dead as well as the neighborhood watchman. In reality any legitimate finger pointing should be pointed directly at the parent’s and no one else. The government can’t do for the child that which the parent must do. It is up to the parent to provide love, support and discipline. When they neglect their duty, this is what happens. It’s not that I don’t have empathy, it’s that I do. I want to be able to walk safely down any street in the US even at night. Parents are the only ones that can make that happen.

    • Mrs.Cunningham

      This case this kid was clearly in the wrong. I agree with you that the parents should have been active in guiding their son. He was in the streets chasing down other kids with a gun. I am not saying the police did not do their jobs, they did. In that situation it’s either kill or be killed, this boy obviously did not care about his own life. However when you have a person that has a wrap sheet like that, why in the world is he on the streets. This kid was charged with attempted murder, why in the world was he able to walk the streets? The parents should not have let him go anywhere, period. However when parents fall short and the child is threat to society, it’s then the police departments job to protect. I’m not going to compare this situation with Trayvon Martin situation because it’s different, this kid was a clear menace. Martin did what a lot of normal troubled teens do: drugs and steal. His parents should have been more involved in what he was doing as far as that. Neither of us know what happened that night all we have is Zimmerman’s word which I personally don’t trust. However, if I was Martin and I noticed someone following me I probably would have gotten away from Zimmerman and called the cops on him. I do feel that Zimmerman should have just waited for the cops. Most people that bring up Martin’s troubled life forget about Zimmerman’s which includes: domestic violence and resisting arrest with force and he was an adult when this took place. Bottom line is both party’s could have handled the situation better. However he did not deserve to loose his life. I want the same thing you want to have peace however we can’t get peace if we are constantly finger pointing. There are kids out in the suburbs that are way worse then kids in the hood, they steal and do drug. Most kids in the hood are productive because they are trying to get out of there. Hey what do I know. have a good night.

    • disqustedude

      I agree with just about everything you have said and it is refreshing to see an African American that can be compassionate and at the same time not overlook the facts in each case.
      I am not unsympathetic regarding racial issues, I just think that most of the issues could be resolved in the home, the government certainly can’t fix us, they can’t even resolve their own issues.
      I hope you are able to spread some of your common sense!
      You have a good night as well.

  • Personal Guy

    This happened in a very high crime area – lots of cameras everywhere. The NYPD already released video showing this kid shooting at others, then pointing the gun at the UNIFORMED cops. Did the kid have any doubt that those were police officers and ready to shoot him? Were they supposed to card him before shooting? Were the cops supposed to aim for the kneecaps?

    For sure, the only mistake was that the rookie cop shooting didn’t hit his target – they are trained to shoot at the chest – the firepower jolted the gun upwards and hit the kid in the face. Had the officer aimed for the shoulder, he would have missed entirely and this may be the story of one dead kid and one dead cop…

  • mike122855

    You have to sympathy for this kid no matter how bad he was. He brought into this world by people who have no clue how to be good people. I would guess most of his uncles and cousins have been in and out of jails his while life and he probably listened to the garbage they call hip-hop religously. Lots of blame to go around.

  • Fire Vet

    One less worthless Obama’s son. Sterilize its mammy before she spawns again.

  • No sympathy

    This is one of those situations where God said after 14 years, let me take this one outta here so he can get it right on the next go ’round. Stick up kid, gang banger, good riddance. Now a young black girl doesn’t have to worry about getting jumped, raped, assaulted, shaken down, ripped off by this thug who was destroying his community.

  • disqustedude

    The similarity between the TM case and this case is that there are the same people jumping to their defense blindly dismissing the obvious facts. In the TM case it is obvious that GZ was the one screaming for help, he was the one being beat. He was the one pinned to the ground with only one option to defend himself. Stop blaming other people. If you want these young men to survive, teach them to respect others, to practice self discipline.

  • PRDiddy

    Murder him? WOW! Biased much? You obviously don’t know the details of this case. This kid got what was coming to him, he knew better.

  • Aniya

    Yoooo uh uh this is family you talking about here just to let you know ! Nobody knows wether the cops telling the truth cause they lie all the fucking time so chill calling people thugs yah don’t even know him !!!

  • Stacy

    Im black race has nothing to do with this the cops did NYC a favor by getting this future criminal off the street 14yr old with a rap sheet family should be ashamed to even defend this baby criminal good jobs cops now go get Zimmerman

  • Ellie

    It doesn’t matter what he did. You don’t just shoot a 14 year old in the face, man..

  • Brian Lockett

    What the hell does age have to do with it? If you’ve got someone dangerous with a gun, you fucking put down the gun. I can care less he was 14. At 14, you’re old enough to understand English. You’re old enough to be responsible and accountable for your actions. He’s not a baby. Folks should stop trying to make this an issue it’s really not.

  • Rocky Raccoon

    let me guess he is perfectly innocent and just wanted skittles?

  • Rocky Raccoon

    if you’re white , or a “white hispanic” (lol) you must let a black beat you to death otherwise you are violating their civil rights and you’re a racist.

  • Hoodanomics

    Im not a supporter of most of the things police do in our community. Nor do I think that the justice system is fair and equivalent to minorities but I think the worst thing we can do as a community is make noise ans stomp our feet when the police are justified. Mr. Douse was no trayvon mMartin. No Shawn bell. Mr. Douse was a gang member and a violent person. Mr. Douse was in the process of trying to kill another child when he was killed by police. Lets not take the attention off the injustice in Florida and theinjustice that ooccurred in Queens NY on a night of celebration for a soon to be married man. The real question is what can we do as a society to keep kids like Douse out of trouble and where was his mother and aunt when he was alive to help save his life. 14 year old is not an excuse to be a menace to society.

  • Gigi

    Nobody has the right to end somebody else’s life. They can be put in jail, counseled, and taught how to become productive citizens. Killing is never an option .

  • Rob

    Help would have been a better choice than killing him.If it’s a futile effort, then at least the authorities tried.Nobody has the right to end somebody else’s life.

  • sean ector

    the fucking goal of disarming an alleged criminal regardless of his back ground did not deserve to be killed. apparently people forget to shoot in the leg or a foot to knock him off balance or something to that nature to make him drop the gun, you just dont flat out kill a 14 yo based on his past. and the main objective here is the fact that when you become a cop you forget that you are just a person with a job and nothing special becomes of you. you eat sleep shit and breathe and bleed just like the rest of us. your motive for becoming a cop is your reason but dont judge people on their past and deem them unjust to just frankly live. the gun power goes straight to your head and forget you are human just as well as i am and others. being a fucking cop is simply a fucking job. get off the power trip asshole lickers.

  • Truth

    It’s amazing how stupid people are. He wasn’t shot because of his past, or because of his skin color. He was shot because he was a violent criminal who was trying to murder someone else. He deserved to die because of that. If his shitty family did their job and raised him correctly, it wouldn’t have happened. Get over it.

  • Tayshaun Prince

    I understand that what he was doing was completely wrong. And he has done this in the past. Howver, the officers had no knowledge of who he was or what he had done until they ran his name through the system. So youre arguments of officers shooting him due to his past are irrelevant. I k ow the kid was a threat to society. Thats doesnt mean the little nigga shouldve been shot in the face and killed. The officers shouldve shot him in the leg or arm in an effort for him to drop the gun. Then he couldve went to jail for whatever time. But a life taking face shot was not necessary.

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