7 Online Dating Tips for Guys

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When it comes to online dating, buyer beware. Of course, finding the perfect woman, falling in love, and living happily ever after is always possible, but you may have to wade through an ocean of less-than-perfect candidates before you find her.

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All the technology in the world can’t change the fact that love is often elusive, it merely gives you a different field to play the game on. Dating isn’t cheap, so if you’re in the market for that perfect partner, knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial. For some helpful online dating tips, read on.

1. Keep Your Best Picture in Your Pocket
While you may think this runs contrary to common sense, consider this scenario: your profile leads with a picture where the light just happened to catch you perfectly and you look your absolute best. Well, your chances of showing up for a first date looking that dazzling aren’t very high. Instead, consider posting clear, honest, run-of-the-mill pics of yourself. This way you’re projecting an image of yourself that’s in keeping with reality, instead of setting yourself up for failure.

2. Be Honest
When describing your body type, don’t lie. There’s just no point. If you smoke, be honest about that too. Just as you would hope that women out there are truthful in their profiles, be so with yours. If you’re simply looking for a hook-up, say that too -  some women out there may be looking for exactly the same thing. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. You’re going to find much more success by being honest.

3. Open Yourself Up
An empty profile hints at an empty man. Mystery doesn’t play well on the Internet, so put a little thought into how you describe yourself. Whether you highlight your interests, hobbies, or what you expect out of a relationship, devote some time and articulate your genuine feelings and desires.

4. Creatively Craft Your Profile
It never hurts to throw a little creativity or even humor into the mix when creating your profile. Remember, there are literally millions of people out there looking for cupid’s bow, so titling your profile with a mundane “looking for love” probably won’t garner much attention. There are many things that make you unique, so be sure to include them in your dating profile.

5. Write to Multiple Candidates
Once you start writing to women, cast a wide net. Just like your profile is not the sum total of who you are, there are women out there whose profiles are not going to completely reflect all their strengths. If you find any attractive qualities in a woman you come across, drop her a quick note – you never know what amazing attributes she has beyond that webpage.

6. Ignore Those Not Interested
If you contact a woman who looks perfect for you, don’t waste your time if she doesn’t respond back. One follow-up message is fine, but if you still don’t hear anything after that, move on. If she’s not interested, she’s not interested. Cyber-stalking won’t change that.

7. Get Yourself in Shape
Instead of posting a photo of yourself when you were in great shape five years ago, try doing something about your physical health today. Join a gym, swim, run in the park, or workout at home and watch the pounds drop off and your confidence increase. There are plenty of genuine guys who are physically fit, and most women won’t waste their time with anyone who pretends to be something they’re not.

Final Thoughts
There are two kinds of dating websites – paid and free. Go with a free version and you’re going to keep your costs down, but you may also encounter some interesting characters – possibly too interesting – who may or may not be serious about finding love. Go with a paid version and your chances of finding someone real and genuine increase, but are by no means guaranteed. However you approach online dating, do so with patience and plan to commit at least six months to find the woman of your dreams. Trust me, she’s worth it.

What success have you had with online dating?

About the author: David Bakke is a single guy living in Atlanta. He writes about money management, relationships, and lifestyle on the blog, Money Crashers.

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  • Frederico

    I’ve landed some hot chicks online but nothing that sticks long term. Just some sex.. and that’s fine with me.

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