Amanda Seyfried Sizzles in Lovelace

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While the reviews of Lovelace have been mixed, I just watched the movie and I thought it was well worth the money. Sure, not all the acting is great, but Amanda Seyfried is amazing. Plus, we get to see her nude in a handful of different scenes — what more could we ask for?

Scroll down to see 12 pictures of Amanda Seyfried, all of which are uncensored! You can thank me later.

A lot has been made about the lack of a quality plot or the shallowness of the writing. But, really, this is a documentary about an actress of the adult variety, so there isn’t much depth to be had. Given the subject matter, I thought the movie was very well done.

Before you go watch it, check out these images to whet your palette. However, beware that these shots are definitely not safe for the workplace. If you’re ready, go ahead and click the right arrow to view all twelve:

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried


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  • Paul


  • Jon Shepherd

    Her tits are actually a pretty big disappointment.

    • Katrina Hunt

      Why? cos they are fucking natural and not overinflated sacks of silicone…disgusting

    • Johnathan Jingley Jones

      Assume much, you harpy? He meant because her breasts are flat, the nipples are small and not even the same size or shape. I’ve seen plenty of real breasts, and these aren’t even in the top 50%. There’s a lot of room in between fake breasts and these.

    • Ole Nansen

      If you have seen so many real breast surely you must know that a set of real breast never have the same shape or size

    • luiz116

      Cause he was expecting more, MAYBE? How stupid can you be????
      If someone dont like this kind of tits, this person is into “overinflated sacks of silicone” and “disgusting”??? For Gods sake, her tits really isnt WOW, in fact are pretty below normal in “beutiness”.

  • Ari

    She doesn’t look good as a brunette.
    I like her tits.
    She couldn’t find a better script to show them in?
    Did she have to gain weight for the role?

  • Tim

    Watch Amanda in Chloe to remove all doubt of her perfection.

  • Scott Vater

    Given how beautiful she is I have to agree with Jon…was expecting much better tits. My ex had two kids and her tits are much better than these floppy bags. Disappointment is right.

  • picklehead

    You want me to go Nude? Well you better make it look raunchy and disgusting and grainy. I don’t want to show my bags of sand unless it is artistically done. I’m not a porn star, i work in Hollywood! -Amanda

  • Nomdefaitour

    She doesn’t look so buxom without a bra to hold those sagging melons up, and her nipples are too small for the size of breasts. Her breasts are a major disappointment.

    • getalife69

      just out of curiosity, what do YOU look like? it is so easy to pick someone visible apart when you are anonymous !!

  • Veiled Untruth

    She needs plastic surgery, a breast job, to give proper shape and form to her drooping breasts.

    • Katrina Hunt


    • Guest

      You’re exactly what is wrong with this world. Fuck you, you disgusting piece of shit. I can’t fucking stand scumbags like you.

    • crusader69

      why should she have surgery? so some guy who lives in his mother’s basement and has never actually seen a breast in real life will approve of her?

  • Dave

    Not impressed. Pretty dull,actually.She is a pretty bad substitute for Linda Lovelace too.

  • Angels Yourss
  • Juan Carlos

    She looks better as a blonde. Just saying.

  • crusader69

    she looks fine. her body is fine. her nipples are fine.

    if they were huge, you would complain. if her breasts were fake, you would complain. if her breasts were small, you would complain…..

    none of you would kick her out of bed. not that any of you could even get her in bed to begin with!! ridiculous!!!!

    stop masturbating to porn and meet some real women.

  • gnarley

    who would not lov silicinis giganticus????

  • Spectre13

    Amanda’s Breasts are just perfect the way they are right now. A Woman who keeps what she was Blessed with, rarely has a matching pair, Small, Medium, or Large. I applaud Amanda, and all the other Women who keep what they were given and Display them Proudly! Silicone was made to seal Bath Tubs, and Windows, not a woman’s Chest! All you Dissatisfied women and Boy’s, should give these ladies a standing ovation for being proud of their bodies!

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