5 Reasons Why the iPhone 5S Sucks

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Like most Apple products of late, there’s a new version out just when we get comfortable with the old one. The iPhone 5S is the oh-so-creatively-named sequel to the iPhone 5, which has lost its luster compared to all the other options that are on the market now. Can Apple recapture the spotlight and reclaim its position as King of Smartphones?

It appears not. Here are our 5 reasons why we think this latest iteration sucks. Click “Next” to see each reason:

The camera is still 8 megapixels

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You'd think they'd at least improve the camera so that they could have a big selling point with all the amateur photographer hipsters out there, but the iPhone 5S camera is going to be almost exactly like previous camera. Oh, wait: it will have a wider aperture to let more light into your photo. I bet that's exactly what you were hoping for in the new iPhone.

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  • Jamaal

    I can’t afford another new phone. Apple needs to slow their role and stop coming out with “new” phones so often.

    • andrewi

      Don’t worry, if you have a 5 you don’t need this at all.

  • Ken

    Regarding the camera, you don’t know much about photography or how cameras work. More megapixels won’t necessarily give you better photos, not to mention I find a wider aperture WAAY more useful than more megapixels.

  • Justin

    Good photographs are about how much light the lens can capture, megapixels just make photos bigger. So that’s really a poor reason. 8 megapixels as it is, is already over kill.

    Other reasons listed are meh, they don’t exactly make it suck. They just make it so it doesn’t jump out at you.

    And lastly, iOS7 sucking? Are you mad? It looks fantastic, beautiful, functional and easy to use. A huge improvement over all previous smartphones.

    • Josue Rios

      How is it an improvement? It looks as good as Jelly Bean 4.2 on a nexus device a year ago. If anything iOS is catching up with features that have been on smartphones for years.

    • andrewi

      Thank you. You are exactly why I hate Apple users.

      “And lastly, iOS7 sucking? Are you mad? It looks fantastic, beautiful,
      functional and easy to use. A huge improvement over all previous

      Yes, me and the other 70% of the market that use Android are mad. Thank’s for sharing the fantastic reasons why your team are better….. all without actually saying anything.



    • das

      iphones are slow and laggy and a7 is only ldual core LOOOOL @ dual core LOOL ‘ 8mp camera loool @ the same shitty screen

    • themuIe

      ETC? LMAO

    • Ass

      No clash of clans for any other phone except iphone

    • Daryl Victoriano

      Where’s the 5 inch 1080p screen? The quad core CPU and 3GB of Ram? Where’s the 13MP Camera? Fingerprint scanners and Siri are gimmicks, things that won’t be used or aren’t nearly as important as an HD screen, a better camera, a faster CPU, and more RAM for multi-tasking

    • andrewi

      I have a £200 smartphone that I can unlock via fingerprint. Moto Atrix 4G. It also turns into a laptop with the bundled lapdock. It’s also dual core like the 5s…. wait.

      I think the iPhone 5 is functionally just a Atrix 4G from 2011.

  • Shashank

    F/2.2? So Nokian 2011…

  • Josue Rios

    What a disappointing article. Some reasons are stupid and some are wrongly portrayed. Here’s 5 reasons the iPhone 5s sucks: 1. The camera is nothing special, the galaxy s4 has the same aperture with more mp, and Nokia lumias beat the crap out of iPhone cameras. 2. The exterior isn’t boring and dumb, it’s a beautiful phone but way too small of a screen. Videos and pictures look better on bigger screens and typing is easier with swyping. 3. Openness isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but the apps you can on Apple are also on Android. If not they probably there’s probably better apps on Android. 4. Yes hardware changes are minor, but the real downer is that besides the 64-bit processor, it has specs of a smartphone 2 years ago. Wow Apple’s going to charge so much for 2 year old specs. 5. The new OS doesn’t suck, but its new features have been on android for years and the design copies android’s flatness that came out in Android 4.0 two years ago.

    Conclusion: If you want a two year old android-like phone at a high price, go buy the iPhone 5s!! Else, do yourself a favor and buy an Android. Its laggy? Not nexus or Google Play phones or Moto X. Hard to use? About as hard as the iPhone, seriously. It crashes a lot? Not on the phones I mentioned unless they’re apps, which also crash on iPhone when not written correctly. What about the fingerprint scanner? You leave your fingerprint everywhere and eventually it’ll be hackable, besides, you gotta be really lazy if that feature attracts you a lot.

    • Josue Rios

      Sorry for the long comment. You don’t need to read it all if you don’t want to. The author just really disappointed me with this article.


      THANK YOU!! im so glad you wrote this this is exactly what i wanted to see originally in the article. I just didnt want iphone fanboys hating on my galaxy s4 and i need some valid arguments to put them back in their place.

  • Alex Whitfield

    Your camera complaint was one of the dumbest complaints I think anyone has ever said! A wider aperture and larger pixels, plus greater flash all equal better photos. This new camera will probaly out perform any other on a smartphone just because it’s focusing on the right things for a change.

    Also the exterior is actually widely accepted and looks good. If it Isn’t broken than why fix it? Cars, houses, tvs and well everything else don’t radically change every year, and we don’t complain about that right?

    You were not at all right on the spec front.
    What about the fact it is twice as fast but has 20% more battery life, is on 64 bit for the first time in phone history, and has a coprocessor for more efficient sensor readings. Ow and did I mention the Touch ID system. The specs got an increase and with Apple saying it can play console leval graphics now, is in no way a slim upgrade in performance.

    The Ios 7 complaint was odd, seeing as everyone and their brother was yelling at them to change it. So are you saying listening to customers is stupid now?

    So sorry to break you down but you only had one real complaint here, and frankly this whole thing is crap. I am not an Apple fan boy I still use my Galaxy S2 through Virgin Mobile. But! I like keeping up to date with things, you know knowledge is power. But anyways, your whole complaint is just plain uneducated and horrible.

    • andrewi

      Erm, no. Nokia’s Lumia still has a wider aperture, better flash, greater pixels, higher pixel density and less noise.

      Also, 20% battery, great.
      64bit however… means absolutely nothing to the end user, especially when all the Apps no the store still maintain compatibility with the 5, 4s and 4 and thus are 32bit. Do you remember how many years AMD were doing 64bit CPUs before Intel adopted it and people started actually making stuff in 64bit? 64bit is only an advancement when everyone has caught up, and that won’t be fore a good few generations.

      Co-processor is not more efficient, in fact it’s less because before it used one CPU to do two tasks and now you must split power two ways. It may be faster, but it is definitely not more efficient.

      I, and many others, will NEVER use Touch ID and abhor the thought of it on our phones, a system where Siri is already sending back our voice print, safari is already collecting all our personal data and the wallet application already has all of our credit card details. Especially after PRISM revealed that all data going back to Apple has been intercepted on the way in the last 5 years.

      And the console line is just that, a line. Nvidia was saying the Tegra could play console levels back in 2009. Question is what console? The NES isn’t too hard to replicate and technically that entitles you to make those kind of claims and they be factual.

      Don’t get me wrong, this is not a good review, but the points are all true. Of everything you’ve mentioned there is one actual new feature (Touch ID), for what is a $900 purchase across the pond for the basic model. Sorry but no.

      If I needed faster then I would go Android, you can get a Cubot C99 which is as fast as a iPhone 5 for £120. Why? Less money spent on advertising basically.

    • Alex Whitfield

      Didn’t I say at the end no fanboy and I use a android?
      Sorry get that across real quick.
      Also correct I forgot about Nokia while doing that comment but my statement still stands that the iphone did move in the right direction with the camera.
      On your 64 bit remark sorry but you missed your mark.
      What advantage does it offer now?
      Improved security and future proofing.
      Plus with the ipad air and mini 2 going 64 bit do you really think the app store won’t have support soon? Going 64 bit will be easy to apple since its their market there Is no waiting for everyone else to do the same needed such as your amd example.
      What really felt unusual is your co-processor won’t make it efficient.
      The 5s is nearly twice as fast on geek bench 3 and gets better battery life so how isn’t that efficient?
      How about a none apple example?
      Nintendo ds, ds lite, dsi and dsi xl.
      All had two processors and really good battery life and ran smooth.
      I do agree apple goes to far on the price and specs look lake luster but apple always holds out on performance tests.
      But still they are overpriced and a slightly larger screen…well it would be nice.

    • andrewi

      Lets just get this straight. I know what you said. I can read. I did not attack you, I attacked the points I objected to, don’t take it personally.

      If the next Galaxy S5 just put a better F-Stop on the camera and a fingerprint scanner the reviewers would annihilate it. I’m not saying it isn’t better, I’m saying it’s not enough to justify a whole new phone.

      And 64bit IS useless, for the buyer of the phone. The better security rule again you are taking from PCs and doesn’t apply in this case (64 bit having better security was based on the elimination of legacy drivers and a Phone doesn’t have legacy drivers). Future proofing is a non-event because it’s an iPhone. If you’re smart then you would just buy a 5 and walk home with $300, and if you weren’t then you will probably buy the 6 and 6s the day they come out too. The App Store means that any 64bit versions of apps that will come out will be delivered to pre-5s Phones as a 32bit binary, and there isn’t actually 4GB of RAM on the device to take advantage of expanded addressing.

      The co-processor fact is down to the issue that unless the co-processor can process 100% of the commands the main CPU can, it’s not more efficient as it will need to spin up the main CPU anytime it has to deliver the information recorded to the App that requested it… AND it shouldn’t be more efficient than a dual core CPU anyway as phones have per core power management and should be able to switch off one CPU entirely and down clock the other to the point where the wattage difference is negligible. Nvidia proved this with it’s Tegra 3, and only when it went to Quad-core did it design a co-processor because 3 cores sleeping added up more than just turning the whole CPU off and having a basic slow chip handle things. That came out Q1 last year.

      The worst thing that kills your point is that the M7 isn’t even a idle coprocessor, it’s an off the shelf NXP chip specifically for motion co processing that runs and 150hz and cannot process anything but the specific set of motion data it’s given. It doesn’t do anything interesting to battery life or efficiency and the promotion of it’s existence is a marketing stunt. It’s like saying a Kineckt makes an Xbox more efficient.

      The other thing which I find hilarious about you and your geekbench tests is how biased geekbench is to start with. How could the Samsung-designed and Samsung-produced dual core A7 processing chip on the iPhone 5S be faster than the Samsung-designed and Samsung-produced quad-core Exynos processing chip on the Samsung Galaxy S4? Why would it be slower when it has twice as much cores, twice the size of battery and uses nearly 150% of the power to run yet is made by the same people that design and make Apple’s chips?

      Why is it if I install OS X on a hackintosh I get a higher geekbench score with the same hardware than on Windows? Geekbench doesn’t actually tell you how it gets to it’s conclusions, and it has always been an Apple application first. An easy way to make Apple come out ahead on the Phone front would be to run single threaded tests and give them more weight that they should have.

      And comparing a Phone to a nintendo is like comparing a power drill to a screwdriver. A DS has a much much more limited set of tasks to complete so it can be much more efficient at any one.

      I do agree that Apple always goes way too far on price (1000% profit margins on $70 phones) and specs (dual core phones in 2013) and lies (somehow beats every phone that the inventor of the chips made for themselves) but Apple always holds out on performance test that THEY orchestrate.

      Have you ever noticed that people can’t even tell you the clock speed of the CPU, the FSB, the base clock, how fast the RAM runs. That should all be accessible from software, but it stays blocked from the user and programmer until someone jailbreaks the unit because somebody might notice that the phone is defying gravity with it’s benchmarks. Suddenly Samsung come under scrutiny because Android’s open nature means the public can see that they have software that overclocks the S4 when it’s running a benchmark application, but if the same software existed behind the iPhone, we still wouldn’t know today.

    • Alex Whitfield

      First off I was just saying for other readers even said just getting it out of the way.
      In case of fanboy sort.
      Now to move on.

      Everything you said almost was just out of place.
      Let me get this straight.

      Getting processing needs off the cpu doesn’t help?
      So getting weight off a horse doesnt help either right?
      That logic was not good.
      Yes the m7 isn’t a revolution in massive power gains and battery life but to say it does nothing essentialy isn’t true.
      Also who knows on the geek bench thing I am not one of their workers so I wouldn’t know.
      I do know my ipod 4 boots up faster turns off faster and processes graphics faster smoother and generally does almost all tasks faster than my 4g galaxy s2 with twice the specs.
      Android has more
      I know for a FACT apple devices run smoother on less.
      If your arguments were true about the inefficiencies and arguments to the battery well.
      Wouldn’t tge iphone 5s have bad battery life?
      And wouldn’t those supposed inefficiencies mean it would be slower then the iphone 5?
      Ow wait neither those are true so that alone should finish that argument up nicely.
      Now on that is a 5s smart? Just keep buying a new one each year?
      That is personal.
      But yes 5s is future proofed.
      Samsu g already announced a 64 bit processor and ipad air and mini 2 went 64 bit.
      If all the major devices go 64 bit then yes 64 bit software and games isn’t far behind.
      So the 5s is already optimized to the correct architecture for these future apps while tge others are not.
      That is future proofing.
      While someone keeps it long enough for this or not is entirely up to them.
      Hell I still have a galacy s2 cause it works fine no real need in my eyes for the new.
      But say the samsung s5 goes 64 bit which means software and apps will begin tge conversion over well that justifies a new buy it actually holds something others won’t.
      Future compatibility.
      So I will get a s5 or whatever next 64 bit phone comes around to stay compatibly with the market.
      Does that mean I will get a s6 or 7 8 or 9 on day one.
      And the same for any smart apple consumer.
      Its a convergence, keep up or shut up sort of thing.
      Doesn’t mean get the 6 or 6s 7 or 7s.
      Why that became the point is beyond me.
      As far as security 64 bit architecture sbows generally higher security levels.
      How do I know?
      Because I remember my old 32 but xp pc and the general ad ware issues.
      My 64 bit windows 7 has just done generally better.
      Yes 64 but is meant for 4 gigs or more.
      But if 5s shows actual improvement but no beefed up specs beyond 64 bit and m7 well then what do you really have to support your side.?
      Something made it run better and it definitely isn’t that new gold paint job that did it.

    • andrewi

      Getting weight off a horse and getting processes off the CPU is not a clean analogy, because that looks at CPU power consumption in a vacuum, ignoring the rest of the phone. The correct analogy is moving some weight to a smaller daughter horse or mule. That’s less efficient as you now have two mouths to feed. Either way, the daughter is really there so they can collect data about you 24/7 off the CPU, not so that energy savings were made. The savings you can blame on ARM and Samsung.

      And the iPhone 5 having bad battery life is a bit of a myth too. You have to remember that Apple, the maker of OS’s and embedded hardware since the camera was made, has a lot more experience with efficient drivers and practices than Samsung and LG. Nobody went and ripped out the guts of Linux that Android runs on to make it more efficient on Mobile; it’s still feature complete, just partially masked by Dalvik for security. Nobody actually audit’s the millions of devices out there to see who’s drivers are most efficient, but I can bet you that iOS uses less power when the screen is off. I can also bet you that Android can do a lot more with the screen off. That’s the price of flexibility.

      And on the 64bit front you still havent answered my question. WHAT ARE THE GAINS OF 64BIT?? None.

      64bit games and software is great, but we have no mobile tech that will run faster on 64bit, have no mobile use for 64bit, and even on the non-apple devices that have 4GB RAM or more, still have hardware too slow to properly make user of that much RAM. Do you realize the most powerful processors in mobile will still be destroyed by a single core Intel Celeron?

      The bottom line is that iOS (the OS not the hardware) is more efficient, and that is a result of it’s lack of features. Consoles are more efficient than PCs, Dumbphones more efficient than smart, Gameboys more efficient than PSPs. Make it do less and it will run more efficiently. With the large majority of comparisons, they start up faster too.

    • charminxtra

      64 bit improves the speed of calculations of extremely large numbers. Maybe this Whitfield character does a lot of astrophysics calculations on his phone? I like his horse analogy though, apparently moving a fraction of the weight from a big car to a small car, and then driving both to your destination will use less gas too right? Damn HOV lanes killing our environment. How you didn’t call him out on completely ignoring your comment on 64 bit computer drivers improving security, and not being a part of the mobile environment is beyond me. That’s like reasoning putting drag radials on an off-road vehicle is safer because they show “generally higher” traction on the drag strip. “Something made it run better and it definitely isn’t that new gold paint job that did it.” Correct. Maybe its the new architecture (64 bit aside), maybe its the gpu running at 650mhz compared to 200mhz on the old one, maybe its the fact the new gpu can fill more than 8 times as many gigapixels a second as the last one, maybe its because it has a different ram module. Same with battery life. Just because the battery life is marginally better and there is a co-processor, doesn’t mean the co-processor made the battery life better. Again, it could be the change to the new hardware I mentioned above, maybe they slightly reduced the transmitting power of the radios, or the default screen brightness, or any number of tweaks you can make to improve battery life. The co-processor improves battery life if you have apps that track what your doing when your phone is asleep in your pocket, and I don’t think I’d want apple (and in-turn the nsa) to have access to that information.

    • andrewi

      I would think if this Whitfield character wanted 64bit due to his astrophysics interests he might have mentioned it after 15+ paragraphs. Again even on desktops nearly all 64bit applications struggle to see a 10% improvement. I am not saying 64bit isn’t an advancement, I am saying that it does not justify the expense and certainly does not justify touting it as the main reason to buy the phone. Go to the Apple website at the time of writing that and the first thing it will show you is “iPhone 5s… now with 64bit”. It annoys me because the main demographic have no idea what that is or how it will help them and Apple is banking on that which is why it gets the full page spread. Classic case of the Emperors New Clothes being played on the iPhone consuming world.

      I like your HOV lane argument too, I hate them killing the environment. We should start a march! ;)

      As for the PC comparison that I quickly addressed, I don’t think he replied because he didn’t know much about what he was saying to start with and was probably just repeating forum words. It may have hurt for him to have to concede a lack of knowledge about something, so I am happy with him just knowing, I don’t require an apology or anything.

      The GPU is sweet. That is true, and you make a very good point about many many things impacting the battery life of the phone, which brings me back to the M7. I think that an iPhone4/4s/5 was plenty capable of periodically checking your location out of sleep then going back into sleep, and considering that the display wouldn’t need to come on, and the processor would still run at the lowest multiplier, as well as the fact that your iPhone still needs to turn on anyway to check networking status, emails, skype messages and whatever else you have running, I would say that the M7 chip in real world circumstances is useless for battery life for all but one situation.

      That situation is when one needs to take granular GPS reading on a frequent basis, and the only time you would even need that to happen in your pocket is if you were being tracked. Add that in the same iteration that Apple starts collecting a fingerprint database of it’s customers and it should be pretty obvious what their intent is, especially when it’s well known that Apple really skimp on hardware, not just in comparison to Android phones (as yes, they are more efficient, but they are also far less powerful), but in list prices vs hardware price (iFixit.com). Putting in a purpose built chip for that when they still use combo chips for bluetooth, wifi, networking, and are missing out on NFC (the case material is a shoddy excuse). Apparently you don’t get what you pay for.

    • Tim Tian

      Larger pixels? if you want large pixels then here you go, the all new 1 pixel camera. One enormous pixel to cover your whole field of view. Now comes with a bonus texel shading pack. XD I’m sure you meant more pixels not larger ones.

  • bender220

    Ever wonder why sports photographers use those enormous lenses with a monopod to support them? Here’s a hint it’s all about aperture, not the number of pixels on the sensor. I am disappointed with the 5S as well but this article is complete garbage.

  • Rick Nunya


  • Mathy

    Oh, wait: it will have a wider aperture to let more light into your photo. I bet that’s exactly what you were hoping for in the new iPhone.

    Actually, that was exactly what I was hoping for in the new iPhone. Better low-light photos, better contrast, there’s way more reasons that you’d want that than more megapixels.

  • jk john

    Fuck you i love apple

  • Apple hater

    Yes! that”s true. Iphone is just a garbage. IPHONE SUCKS!!

  • louigi

    my n1 reason not to get an iphone6 is the low performance low quality and low endurance nand flash memory it presently uses , it causes browser crashes app crashes , screen scroll stuttering and jamming, blue screens, data loss,and causes the phone to overheat and drain the battery,because the processor is catching fire trying to compress the slow data to speed it up ,imo memory companies and the pc industry in general have been quite corrupt and collusive when it comes to marketing ,for instance theyve suppressed and crippled the sales of ddr3 D.ram ssds for years leaving people stuck with unacceptably slow hdds and ssds and power draining cpus, and have sold extreme low quality primitive pc components at fraudulent prices, treating citizens like worthless cash cattle, if the iphone6 doesn’t use top quality high speed memory like static-ram , m.ram or memristor re-ram dont even bother getting one, you’re wasting a massive 600$ on slow defective tech and youre getting scamed ,theyve suppressed high performance chips that people have needed for profit especially at such insane prices , its quite disgraceful , buying nand flash iphones is buying pretty junk. and not only that, the cpu microwave frequencies transmitted from mobile phones are way to high and cause health issues in many ppl by disrupting blood circulation such as cloudy vision blurring and halos, microwave radiation from the cpu and transmitter cause friction of fluids and tissue and directly impacts circulation in eyes fingers hands and arms actually cpu and transmitter energies through prolonged phone use
    can even cause dizziness attention and focus deficiencies while remaining unsuspected, big buisness shouldnt be above peoples health whats the point of eating right exercising and taking care of yourself while bathing in radiation that messes with blood flow to your limbs
    while you experience frustration because your phone jams crashes and drains as an add on for 600$ solution ? memristor chips where logic can be done on the chip without cpu radiation and powerdrain wich will enable the phone to stay charged for weeks,…2- lower tower/transmitter frequencies to 200mhz wich will allow lower power and farther transmission coverage- problem solved.

  • Tracy

    What about a call log that saves less than a weeks worth of calls!!!! I called and spoke with an Apple tech and was horrified. I asked why Apple thought that was a good idea. She said “we’ll you can always log on to (my phone carriers website) and retrieve the number that way. THANKS genius…and that’s easier why???!

  • Amanda

    Wtf? You guys are nerds.

  • Willa Newton

    My iPhone 5S sucks. I hate this phone. Even Apple took my first one back. Too bad I couldn’t get a refund.
    The screen keeps jumping around when you try to type or touch it to read an article or view Facebook, Twitter, or anything you have to scroll. The slide bar to unlock it works sometimes. I have to shut it off constantly and leave it off for hours to make it reset or do whatever it does.
    Will never own another iPhone.

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