5 Reasons Why Lee Thompson Young Was Murdered

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The biggest story of today is the passing of Lee Thompson Young. Everyone in the media has quickly proclaimed the 29-year-old actor killed himself — even though police haven’t yet made a ruling. Personally, I simply do not believed this man committed suicide. I think someone killed him.

Why do I think Lee Thomson Young was murdered? Here are 5 strong reasons — click “Next” to view them all:

1. No Reports of Struggles

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Friends and family members are saying that everything was great in his life. When someone dies of a legit suicide, there are always signs. In this case, there was absolutely no warning.

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  • Tyreke

    I think he ws murdered too. Just dont make sense!

  • Samantha

    This is BS. He killed himself. Let his family grieve.

    • Leona

      He didn’t kill himself! I mean, why would he? He was happy, had a great job and did not have any real issues in life.

    • Lidia Members

      He might have killed himself Leona. We see all the material things he had but no one knows what condition his soul was in. It is the soul that keeps us alive not the body. If I prick you with a needle you will say ouch because your soul is keeping you alive but what happens when you prick a dead body with a needle? You can even chop the arm off of a corpse and it will not matter. When people are not right with G_d their riches mean nothing and their lives become hell. Look at Elvis P, Amy W, Marilyn M and Even Whitney and Michael Jackson. I swear to you money is not everything, plus I think Kanye will be the next to kill himself…all the signs are there:(

  • Jan

    When I first heard the news, my first thoughts were, “Oh My God. Why? I am so angry with you, Lee. Why did you do this?” Then I started thinking that maybe there is more to this story than we know. Maybe he didn’t commit suicide.

    • Danny McClendon

      “For the love of money is the root of all evil” is the correct phrase found in the bible, not “Money is the root of all evil” Remember people love money because money equal power. Remember money is an object, a object that can have no power. For example in ancient India Rice was a status of Power, the more rice you owned the more land you can buy and the more wives you could have. People massacred villages for rice just to become powerful. Long story short, it’s the love for money that make people do bad things. I agree with your comment tho.

  • Electric Vibes

    Just because he didn’t show any visible signs doesn’t mean he wasn’t struggling on the inside. We don’t know what happened inside of that room. Could’ve been suicide could’ve been murder. But who knows. There are numerous possibilities. He could’ve been drugged and murdered but like I said no one knows. I just know that I’m sad Hes gone. He was a wonderful person and good actor.

  • Vee

    I think he was murdered too! Something is not right!!

  • shane

    Oh yea, he was definetly murdered. That man had it made and somebody got really jealous of him. Trust me……..i’m always right…..95% of the time. R.I.P. buddy…we will find who did this to u.

  • Mary

    I think number 5 says it all,money is the root to all evil.The media is paid to say what “the others” tell them too. They lie to us all the time. Every time a celebrity dies it is either suicide or drug overdose. 29 years old so sad, I hope that it comes out what really happened to him,more than likely it wont ( willing to betcha) Praying for his family and friends.
    Rest in Paradise Lee Thomas Young

  • Deanna

    I thought it was a bit strange that they immediately claim it was suicide.

  • Yahooite

    I think his agent killed him because the coroner had not given the cause of death yet when his agent said he tragically committed suicide. Duh!

    • LTYfan

      I agree. When I first heard the story I first thought the agent killed him since no one else was there except the agent. How does the agent know he committed suicide? The agent just wanted to take his money that’s all since he is on this new show.

  • iLove2RescueDogs

    Just because you can’t make sense of this tragedy, does not mean this was murder. Your reasoning is far from convincing. Only the fifth reason( inheritance money), could be possible. Just because there are no known struggles or drama (reasons 1 and 4 on your list) doesn’t mean there weren’t any. No one walked in Lee’s shoes to know every aspect of his experiences. Not every person leaves a note but if he had, since there is an on-going investigation not all every piece of evidence can be disclosed. Last, it may be statistically more likely that a Caucasian kills himself but it is still possible.

    As a survivor of suicide (my Mom’s cause of death), I still can’t understand why she decided to kill herself. She left a lengthy note but is still doesn’t give me understanding.The truth is, no one will ever know the reason for this

  • TTU

    OMG!!!! I don’t know where you got your information but it is so wrong its sad. I first of all people who are depressed hide it from those closest to them. And most people don’t leave a note. Usually things are going well when a person kills themselves. How can you say his manager killed him if you don’t have any evidence? You’re setting yourself up to be sued. So you’re as bad as everyone else about pointing fingers without knowing the truth. Maybe instead of making things worse you should think how you are hurting the family and friends of this young man.

  • lulu

    I agree with Samantha. I have a feeling that Lee was not murdered.

  • Laura

    To add to your Money Motivates claim… They just renewed Rizzoli and Isles for Season Five! My money is on the manager. What seasoned manager would dare make a statement to the media about their client’s personal life prior to the family making a statement. His only comment when he learned of the death should have been “Please respect the privacy of those close to him.” Not he committed suicided, especially before the police (professionals in determining this matter) declare it a suicide (and oddly enough they still haven’t declared it as such)

    SN: Police found nothing in his personal diary that indicated he may have been depressed. There is a reason why the police are still investigating the matter.

  • Janice

    When I saw him at the gym a couple of years ago, he had a HUGE bodyguard. Which was quite odd. Ryan Gosling and other celebs who train at the same gym, have NO guard. He possibly had a stalker. When I found out about his death… I figured they finally got to him and took him out! He asked me to become his personal trainer, but it didn’t work out, because of my schedule. My colleague trained him instead. I must say, I recall him looking uncomfortable at times… We talked all the time and greeted each other with a kiss on both cheeks. My thoughts, it was definitely murder… They’re hiding something! Lee Thompson Young was highly intelligent. Last I saw him was a year ago at the Library, in North Hollywood. Rest In Peace sweetheart.

    • Lidia Members

      I think you are a BIG FAT LIAR Janice! What gym did you see him in? And if he had a “HuGE” body guard then why didn’t anything happen to him until now? I hate the way people confabulate hogwash just to get a little attention. If you knew him so much you would have written your own article and posted it online, not left cheesy comments hoping that someone would be stupid enough to believe your poopoo! Please stop your crap and let him rest in peace!

    • Debbie Williams

      Janice I read an article that said he suffered from bipolar disorder but it was managed with medication and that he was NOT taking illicit drugs as none were found in his system. He had just seen his doctor five days before his death. It also said he had a spiritual practice, was close with his family–connected. Those are all signs that one is doing well. One who commits suicide is usually isolated, not properly taking their medication while simultaneously abusing street drugs–none of which Lee was doing. Everything I have read by his cast members have said he was highly intelligent, practiced martial, treated his body like a temple, was practically zen-like. I’m with you Janice, doesn’t sound like suicide to me either. And before anyone calls me a big fat liar, I am just speculating. This is only my opinion. Lee Thompson, Rejuvenate In Peace! Hope to see you next lifetime.

  • RDS

    every one of these supposed reasons that claim to prove he didn’t kill himself is untrue.

    • LTYfan

      How you know?

  • aly

    Oh my gosh. This is so tragic. He is gorgeous and one of the cutest actors I have ever seen. He had such an amazing charisma on tv. Rip lee thompson young.

    I do not believe this was suicide at all. No way. What the hell.

  • Daffodil

    I was so sad for awhile then I started thinking “wait a minute – what if he was murdered”? We see it all the time where murder scenes are staged to look like suicides.

    I found it very suspicious that the manager came out so quickly claiming suicide to the media before the police had even done a full investigation and before the police had shared their conclusion with the media.

    I sure hope his family hires their own investigator to review everything. Someone needs to research how many things had he done in his life to illustrate that he planned to still be around or if he had made any plans or commitments for the future.

    I am also surprised that his family has not protested the determination. What do they know that we don’t? He may not have left a note, but had he called or written family members or given away personal belongings? Just not enough information shared to make me view this as only a suicide.

  • Lorelie

    If he killed himself, he would have left a note. I think he would not be too uncaring not to leave a goodbye message to his loved ones. I believe he was murdered

  • Rosandra M. Davis

    When I heard this heartbreaking news it didn’t sit well with me. I found it odd that his manager said, “tragically Lee took his own life” when law enforcement hadn’t come to that conclusion. People are cunning they know how to stage homicides as suicides. Just check out the crime dramas on CBS. I wish he was still alive. If this was murder. The person needs to die a thousand deaths, then go to hell. If it was suicide, why Lee?

    • Debbie Williams

      (1) His spiritual program prevented him from killing himself–he had an alter in his home; (2) his bipolar disorder was under control – he had just seen his doctor 5 days before his death; (3) NO media coverage. Why? Cover up. Just because we see conspiracy everywhere doesn’t mean they are not here and there.

  • Azona

    I don’t think any of you understand suicide victims. It has now come out that he had been treated for depression. And why didn’t he have a girlfriend? Was he gay, was he fearful it would come out? No one knows what goes on in the minds of those who commit suicide. It was also discussed that he had been recently studying an ancient African religion. Something was bothering him. It’s just sad that we will never know what.

    • LTYfan

      He was murdered, that’s why! He DIDN’T commit suicide, he was not gay and I believe his manager did this to him.

  • Fernando Gerdano

    I think Noah Gulliver is an asshole

  • sandra

    or he was gay all his life and had to hide it and couldnt take it anymore? look at him…ita always the A males who are homosexual,..they look hot but have rarely a girlfriend or so…he couldnt tell anybody???

  • Ms. Showbiz

    Why did the police go to his apartment? Why didn’t someone from TNT go to see why he did not show up at work? Also, no one ever mentioned they tried to call him on his cell phone or house phone. How late was he? When someone is late at my workplace I don’t immediately call the police. Where were his “friends?” Someone, who? saw him on Saturday and after that no one saw him?????? Also, time of death was never released and the circumstances in the apartment were never released. When other celebrity deaths occur, details are all over the media, example Michael Jackson. People with depression issues don’t always kill themselves. The assumption was made that Lee was depressed and so he killed himself. His mother and sister were close to him. Their reactions never hit the media. I know “SOMEONE” out there knows why Lee is dead.
    Rest In Peace Lee, sorry we will never see what the future had in store for you and us in the World of Entertainment!

  • Priencess Mone Chai-ung

    number 3 is stupid that is a myth that black people dont kill themselves

  • Nichole

    I believe he was murdered too! He seemed so happy and excited about his life how was he suicidal?

    • LTYfan

      I believe he was murdered also, The saddest thing about his death is that he was such a unique, free spirited & joyful individual. There are no magazine headlines with his name on it, or a list of females he had slept with or arrested for anything like disorderly conduct. He just was a sincerely happy person, enjoying life to the fullest. May he rest in Paradise and God Bless Him and his family. And I hope that the individual that took his life be brutally punished, if not on this side the next.

    • bee

      I don’t believe that he killed himself,

      But if he did I pray that God has mercy on his
      Soul this was a very down to earth Guy. With
      Sweet soul. God please except your child into
      Your liveing arms

  • marcus elef

    he was gay and killed himself;

    sad, but true

  • fay

    I thought there would be an update on his death by now but still nothing??? Smh this is definitely very odd to me. Usually when a celebrity dies the public gets many details. It seems the details are being hidden from us his fans & his death swept under the rug. So so sad!!! :-(

  • Jae boog

    i too want to believe that he was murdered but maybe Mr Lee had problems and acting in that tv show probably added to his alredy demented brain all the blood violence he probably became consumed by the thought of death.

  • alex

    This is a load of shit. All your theories are so stupid to the point of laughter. I can successfully argue against all your 5 theories assuming a reasonable person is a judge. Reasonable will not include you and the rest of these moron supporters here.

  • Ryan

    This is the dumbest possible argument I’ve ever read. It literally reads “I don’t know anything about suicide at all, but clearly I’m way more intelligent than everyone else so obviously my baseless suspicions are correct. There’s no possible explanation other than what I’ve suggested, because if it were true that he killed himself my worldview would be wrong, and that can’t possibly be true.” The only piece of information you’ve presented that reflects anything resembling the truth is that white men are statistically more likely to kill themselves, which is about as meaningless a statistic as there gets. Suicides DO NOT always leave notes. This isn’t a movie. People who *should*, and fuck you for suggesting his problems weren’t real problems because he had money, be happy are nit necessarily happy, especially when they’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And you’re dial point is particular stupid and baseless because it boils down to “sometimes people get killed for monetary reasons CLEARLY THAT IS THE CASE HERE.” Fuck you. Fuck your stupid beliefs. Fuck your inane arguments. And fuck the way you’ve shit on this man, his family, and their grief.

  • Tate

    We all want to think that the people we care about would never take their own life, but that’s just not the case. I’ve lost two members of my family to suicide in the last three years and nobody saw it coming. We want to think that their is always signs and that’s just not the case. A lot of severely depressed people are experts in hiding it. Being a black man that didn’t leave a note isn’t reason enough to assume someone murdered him. We as humans just always want someone to take the blame for things that we don’t understand. I’m sorry for the lost of this man but not being murdered doesn’t make his death any less tragic. Depression is a serious illness and one we tend to overlook. It doesn’t always come from life or money problems. It’s a chemical imbalance that the person just couldn’t control. My condolences and deepest sympathy go out to his family. I know how painful and confusing a lose to suicide can be.

  • Dan

    The writer of this article is an idiot.

  • Rainbow

    The truth will always come to light. RIP Lee.

  • Simone Gunzburg

    You’re a bunch of idiots

  • Edie

    He suffered from Bipolar disorder and depression. He was diagnosed when he was a teenager. Mental illness is not a joke. Even though he was on medication, some medications can influence suicidal thoughts. The only thing found in his system were his medications. He was not murdered. His mom and sister just did a recent interview on his emotions he had at times with it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what to believe, but I know for a fact that antidepressants can worsen someone’s depression and make them commit suicide. Whatever the cause of death is, I pray he is at peace. May God rest his soul.

  • vincent

    Hey I think I was murdered too! check this out I read all the media is reporting and it said and I quote (police was send to his apartment because he didn’t show up to work) what!what the hell!

  • vincent

    I meant I think he was murdered Too

  • vincent

    just like that guy from Teen Spirit song

  • Fact

    Noah Gulliver, you are an idiot. That is all.

  • Shanaé Jordan

    I guess the new celebrity death trend is “Suicide” due to “Mental Illness (Bipolar/Depression).” The “Matrix” Syndrome is very much alive & well! One can NEVER disqualify the existence of evil/satanic/demons. Those mf’s are very much alive & doing ALL kinds of “death for keeps” sh*t…..WAKE UP & STAY FOCUSED & PRAYED UP

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