GIF: Jason Heyward Suffers Broken Jaw on Pitch from Jonathon Niese

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Ouch! Jason Heyward got hit in the face by a 90 MPH fastball thrown by Jonathon Niese. As you can see in the GIF below, it was a gruesome sight. After being transported a local hospital, X-rays show that the star outfielder for the Atlanta Braves suffered a broken jaw.

jason heyward broken jaw(source:

Heyward will need to undergo surgery for this injury. He actually has two separate fractures. Estimates have him out anywhere from a month to six weeks.

Looking at the GIF, Heyward might actually lucky to “only” have suffered a broken jaw. Fastballs to the face can do permanent damage and sometimes even kill!

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  • Big Bad Bob

    So can he just get it wired and set and continue to play, or is he going to miss some significant time?

    • Spencer

      I bet he will miss a lot of games.A broken jaw is no joke. I bet he’d be wearing those metal braces anywhere from a few weeks to more or less than a month. That’s going to hurt. A lot.

  • BadAss Nick

    Lucky for him it was a fast ball.Think about it. Who knows what could have gotten hit if it was a curve ball. I also think that Jonathon Niese would be great at dodge ball.

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