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I’m an EveryJoe. I go to work five days a week. I watch football and drink beer on the weekends. I love hot chicks (no, really — I’m talking about you, honey!). You see, I’m married… and I have a few kids — five to be exact. That’s right, five kids ranging between 18 months to 13 years old.

I love my wife and kids — I really do. But sometimes, I have something to rant and rave about (more often, rant). So I’m going to be doing it here on EveryJoe.

Let’s start off with talking about preschool.

Source: Cienpies at sxc.hu

Back when I was a young lad, preschool was about coloring, learning the ABCs, playing on the playground and … well that’s about it. Nowadays, it’s as hard to get into a preschool as it is to get into college.

We were on the wait list for the “top” preschool in our area (whatever my wife defines as “top”) since my son was 2. He’s 4 now. We went through three… count ‘em three… interviews this summer. And we were REJECTED.

That’s right, rejected for preschool. We actually got a rejection letter in the mail. Pure gold! What the hell is the world coming to?

Oh… and secretly (or not so secretly), I’m thrilled. You know some of the “extracurriculars” that were included in this preschool? Fencing and Latin. I’m not going to go on — but I could!

EveryDad TV Pick of the Day: The Hive

I’m tired of Dora and SpongeBob. How about you? And don’t get me started on Fresh Beat Band. So every day, I’m going to talk about a TV show that dads should really try to get their kids to watch.

The Hive is an excellent children’s show that comes to us from the foggy United Kingdom. It’s about the adventures of Buzzbee and his aptly named friends, like Rubee, Babee, and Barnabee. Kids will love it because of the silly situations that the group finds themselves in, but adults will also be able to appreciate the CGI effects. The Hive is beautifully done down to the smallest details, so it’s a pleasure to watch on an aesthetic level alone. It’s definitely not annoying compared to a lot of kids shows out there, so don’t worry about scrambling for the mute button.

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  • chicmomma

    Haha! This article makes me laugh. My nephews also prefer to watch The Hive everyday (…well and SpongeBob too). Talking about preschooling, I always thought homeschooling is a better option. I don’t know about you guys but have you tried watching Khan Academy?

  • Ann

    Back in the days of yore, pre-school was about kids being kids and having fun. But times had since changed, and nowadays, pre -school is just as nerve-wracking to the kids as to the parents.

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