“Fight Stories” with Urijah Faber

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FOX Sports is churning out some exclusive, original content that is quite entertaining. Check out “Fight Stories” with Urijah Faber, where UFC fans tell Faber their tales of self-defense, then the story is set to animation.

In this latest episode, a man tells of being thrust into a hairy situation after an encounter his friend had at a bar.

Check out the uncut (NSFW) version of the animated video below.

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  • thomas D

    Ha, that was epic. Thanks for sharing.

  • Beatrix

    I’d like to see this with other athletes.

    • Demetry T.

      I think Urijah is the host of the show.That means he’d be there until he quits or is fired. But I’d like to see Dominick Cruz guest in his show. Now that would be a brawl.

  • malcolm dee

    Nice story. The animation is even better. I like UFC and I like Urijah’s fighting style but this new show is way more entertaining than I expected it to be. Will be watching out for more epic-sodes from this show.

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