Worst Music Videos Ever Made: #1 Friday – Rebecca Black

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Sat, Aug 24 - 11:22 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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Poor Rebecca Black. She seems like a nice enough girl and she’s not the worst singer that ever lived, but “Friday” might be the worst music video ever created. Everything about it is ridiculous: why is there a 12-year-old driving a car filled with other pre-teens? Why does Rebecca Black have so much trouble deciding which seat to take? Is she a singing robot? Where does the random rapper factor into the equation? Is he on his way to school too?

The song itself, while catchy in a “contagious disease” kind of way, is just about as vapid as could possibly be. It may have made Rebecca Black a household name for a little while, but “Friday” deserves to go down in the annals of history as the worst music video ever made.

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  • poorgirloncampus

    I couldn’t agree more! I don’t hate the singer—just the
    people who created the video and the song. I mean, what were they thinking?!?
    Poor Rebecca.

  • Johnny B.

    The video is boring , however, It’s not as bad as everyone thinks. I mean, what can you expect when you throw a bunch of teens into a car ? An epic video ?

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